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Best Vaginismus In Hyderabad

Vaginismus is a psychosexual dysfunction in females. It is DSM-V classified as Genito-pelvic pain/penetration disorder in females. It happens when the vaginal muscles are hyperactive or involuntarily contracting. The persistent vaginal muscle contractions prevent any kind of vaginal penetration or lead to painful sexual intercourse (dyspareunia). There is even significant fear and anxiety experienced by women with vaginismus because of actual or anticipated pain associated with vaginal penetration. But, this sexual pain disorder does not affect sexual arousal in women.

Benefits of Vaginismus Treatment

  • Help one to relax their mind and allow the body to control vaginal muscles
  • Eliminate involuntary spasming during penetration
  • Muscle memory training helps to relax and control the pelvic muscles
  • No more painful intercourse
  • Improved quality of relationships.

Meet the Doctor

Vaginismus causes immense emotional distress in females, their partners, and often in one’s relationship. Many women feel ashamed or embarrassed to seek help and struggle alone with this concern!

To date, Dr. A. Maalavika, cosmetic gynecologist in Hyderabad at Eternelle Aesthetics, has cured thousands of women suffering from vaginismus and has helped them to achieve an improved quality of healthy and enhanced sexual life with her state-of-the-art personalized Treatments for best vaginismus in Hyderabad.

Types of Vaginismus

Vaginismus is of the following types:
  • Primary/ lifelong vaginismus- It is a sexual dysfunction in females who earlier never achieved vaginal penetration and never had painless intercourse.
  • Secondary vaginismus- It is the type wherein females once had achieved vaginal penetration and had pain-free/normal intercourse, but now they can’t. Its potential causative factors are radiation, gynaecology surgery, or trauma.
  • Total vaginismus- It features the inability of the females to tolerate their vaginal penetration.
  • Partial vaginismus- It is when the females can tolerate their vaginal penetration but with a lot of pain and challenges.
  • Situational vaginismus- It occurs only in some cases such as with a certain sex partner or specific kind of penetration. For instance, the patient can tolerate the insertion of a tampon or fingers, but not sexual intercourse.
  • Global vaginismus- It is an all-time occurring condition independent of the situation.
  • Spasmodic vaginismus- It is a condition caused by spasms of the pelvic floor muscles.

Psychological Factors of Vaginismus

  • One suffers from negative emotions like the shame of sex
  • Fearing of the unknown – and thinking, WILL IT HURT?
  • Experiencing religious or cultural embarrassment
  • Fear of sexual intercourse
  • Experiencing relationship issues, like trust and even communication problems
  • Many are often forced into sexual intimacy
  • Past negative experiences

Physical Factors of Vaginismus

  • One suffers from infections like yeast, urinary tract, or sexually transmitted illnesses
  • Suffering from endometriosis or vulvodynia
  • Hormonal decline during the phase of menopause or cancer treatment
  • Any type of pelvic surgery or injuries
  • Complex vaginal childbirth

Causes of Vaginismus

Vaginismus does not have any clear cause. Sometimes, the patient would not know the direct cause of her painful sex or difficulty experienced in penetration.

Vaginismus is known to have links to: 
  • Past painful sex
  • Emotional factors- This includes fear and anxiety towards penetration, fear of pregnancy, previous sexual trauma or abuse, and having a negative view of sex.
  • Physical factors that cause pelvic pain- such as pelvic trauma or abuse, certain medications side effects, complications of childbirth, a painful medication like thrush; and pelvic trauma or abuse.

Contact the experts at Eternelle Aesthetics to get painful sex treatment in Hyderabad offered by the expert gynaecologist and team of experts.

Symptoms of Vaginismus

How To Identify Vaginismus | Best Vaginismus in Hyderabad

See a top vaginismus treatment doctor in Hyderabad at Eternelle Aesthetics if experiencing any of these symptoms of vaginismus:

  • Struggle to have vaginal penetration.
  • Difficulty faced in inserting a tampon.
  • A burning or stinging pain sensation during sex.

Who Gets Vaginismus?

The symptoms of vaginismus may appear during one’s late adolescence or early adulthood when the female has first time sex. They may even show up for the first time when the female is trying to insert a tampon into her vagina or is having a pelvic exam.

Vaginismus may even occur late in the life of females. The spasm or discomfort may be felt by women only at certain times during vaginal penetration or pelvic exams.

Diagnosis of Vaginismus

It begins with the patient describing her symptoms and telling her doctor about her sexual history. The doctor then recommends the patient undergo a pelvic exam. During a pelvic exam, the patient takes a quick look at the inside of the pelvic area to rule out other conditions like infections and scarring.

Treatment Options for Best Vaginismus in Hyderabad at Eternelle Aesthetics

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Vaginismus is a treatable condition. The treatment options for pain during vaginal penetration include:

  • Sex therapy and counselling- In sex therapy, the patient is first given sex education that typically involves learning about the anatomy of the vagina and what occurs during sexual arousal and intercourse. The patient would also get to know what muscles are involved in vaginismus.
  • Sexual counselling in Hyderabad- involves a one-on-one meeting of the patient with a counsellor having specialisation in dealing with sexual disorders. The patient may go for counselling with or without her partner. The counsellor may use relaxation techniques and hypnosis to encourage relaxation and make your sex more comforting. The different relaxation techniques include mindfulness, gentle touching, and breathing exercises. These help women learn to relax their vaginal muscles.
  • Vaginal dilators- The counsellor or doctor/ vaginal trainers may make the patient learn how to use a vaginal dilator. A vaginal dilator is a cone-shaped instrument that is inserted into the vagina to stretch out the vaginal muscles and make them flexible. The vaginal dilatation treatment course involves the use of a set of dilators of varying sizes. As the treatment progresses, the patient must keep changing the size of her vaginal dilator in ascending order.
  • Pelvic floor physical therapy in Hyderabad- For women who face difficulties in using vaginal dilators by themselves, may be referred by a doctor to a physical therapist holding a specialisation in pelvic floor. Physical therapists at Eternelle Aesthetics, Vaginismus Treatment Clinic in Hyderabad, could help such women by making them learn how to use dilators and know about deep relaxation techniques. Moreover, the physical therapist would train the women in pelvic floor exercises to gain control of their vaginal muscles. 
  • Bo-tox- This treatment is also performed at the clinic for relaxing the vaginal muscles and introducing a dilator.

Complications of Vaginismus

Vaginismus can greatly influence the patient’s quality of life. It can affect the patient’s sex life and physical relationship with her partner. It can even have an impact on the patient’s mental health, leading to anxiety and issues with her self-image. If the patient is trying to get pregnant, Vaginismus may make it challenging for her to conceive.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can vaginismus disappear on its own?

It’s unlikely to experience a miraculous disappearance of Vaginismus. Vaginismus is an involuntary condition resulting in the tightening of the vaginal muscles. Involuntary conditions cannot be fixed on their own, they need to be appropriately treated. The right treatment can nearly help in alleviating the problem. Vaginismus is treatable with vaginal dilation and pelvic floor physical therapy.

2. Is there a cure for vaginismus?

Yes. Many interventions can help reduce or treat vaginismus symptoms. If the vaginismus treatment doctor in Hyderabad confirms the cause of vaginismus for a patient, the doctor can provide the right solution to cure vaginismus. The patient’s condition can get back to normal only when the patient is committed to her treatment.

3. What are the ways by which I can conquer avoidance of my condition? / How can I get over my avoidance of sex?

First of all, you need to educate yourself that you are not the sole sufferer to accept your diagnosis. Once you are aware that many more people are managing Vaginismus, you get empowered to seek medical help. You can overcome your condition by questioning and acceptance.

It’s easy for you to avoid sex when suffering from Vaginismus. You can do so by going for other types of intimacy, like masturbating and using vibrators to feel orgasm. You can go for any sexual activities that don’t involve penetration like oral and still feel sexual pleasure. Eventually, when you feel comfortable having partnered sex, you can do so.

4. How does vaginismus affect pregnancy and childbirth?

It has been found that when patients are finished undertaking the necessary steps to cure their vaginismus, then their pregnancy and childbirth go smoothly. Vaginal dilation during pregnancy can ease childbirth and so must not be stopped unless it's medically contraindicated.

5. Is vaginismus a form of anxiety?

Vaginismus is not a form of anxiety rather it is an involuntary tightening of vaginal muscles. However, many patients with Vaginismus do suffer from anxiety. Anxiety may or may not be caused by Vaginismus.

6. Can I be treated for severe, lifelong vaginismus?

Vaginismus to any extent is treatable. Initially, the doctor will provide you with a gentle vaginal dilation program. The doctor will even offer vaginal muscle relaxant suppositories to aid in vaginal muscle relaxation. When your doctor is not able to relax your vaginal muscles by this approach, your doctor will prescribe you vaginismus treatment under anaesthesia.

7. Vaginismus is always a sign of underlying anxiety. 

Doctors at Eternelle Aesthetics are well-informed about vaginismus, its symptoms, and treatment options to provide the most efficacious care possible. This condition can be overcome with appropriate diagnosis, therapy, and aid – there is no reason to live with vaginismus. Contact the best vaginismus doctor near me at Eternelle Aesthetics to get this condition effectively treated!

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