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What is the Perineoplasty Cost In Hyderabad

Perineoplasty Cost In Hyderabad ranges between Rs. 1,00,000 - Rs. 1,50,000

Benefits of Perineoplasty Surgery: 

  • It addresses loose, gaping, or bulging skin around the vagina and helps tone the vaginal tissues.
  • It helps to correct vaginal itching/irritation and painful vaginal sex (dyspareunia).
  • It can help get rid of excessive scar tissue following a vaginal delivery or episiotomy and even alleviate vaginal itching.
  • It can treat vaginismus, a condition characterised by involuntary contraction of the perineal muscles leading to painful intercourse.
  • Perineoplasty tightens the perineum to narrow the opening of the vaginal canal and thus increases sexual sensation. The patient can get more sexually satisfied and increase their sex drive (libido) because of the restored functioning of the perineum. With improved sex satisfaction, the patient gets a boost in their esteem and confidence.  
  • It corrects bowel or urinary incontinence. It can help correct the muscle damage resulting from damaged or loose perineum. 
  • Perineoplasty helps resolve the damaged perineum possible due to childbirth or traumatic injury.
  • It is a straightforward procedure with a shorter recovery period than other extensive surgeries, making perineoplasty surgery in Hyderabad a preferred option for a few cases.

About Perineoplasty Surgery

What is Perineoplasty?

Perineoplasty, or perineorrhaphy, is a surgery designed to repair and rejuvenate the perineum and vulva-external part of the vagina. The perineum is the region between the anus and vagina. It is crucial in supporting the female reproductive organ and pelvic floor muscles. However, it gets damaged due to childbirth, weight loss, trauma, and other factors that cause the skin around the vaginal opening to become loose and stretched.

Perineoplasty in Hyderabad performed at Eternelle Aesthetics aims to strengthen and tighten the perineum to support the pelvic floor musculature and vagina. It is done to narrow the vaginal opening and fix the concerns like scarred or damaged skin around the vagina, thereby enhancing the overall appearance of the perineal area. It may also be performed to provide relief for women having thick hymen and other congenital conditions that affect vaginal health.

Meet Our Experts

Dr. A. Maalavika, a renowned cosmetic gynecologist and perineoplasty surgeon in Hyderabad, epitomizes excellence in her field, skillfully combining her vast expertise, years of experience, and unwavering dedication to deliver the best patient outcomes. With a compassionate approach, she understands her patient's needs and ensures a safe and supportive environment.

Her unparalleled surgical skills, refined through years of rigorous training, enable her to perform the best genital rejuvenation procedures in Hyderabad with precision and finesse. Her compassionate behavior and open communication foster trust and enable patients to share their concerns without hesitation.

By staying up-to-date with the latest advancements and techniques, she ensures the restoration of confidence and dignity for her patients.

Candidate Eligibility

Perineoplasty is suitable for:

  • Women who want to address sexual dysfunction, physical discomfort, or aesthetic concerns of the perineal region
  • Healthy women with realistic expectations and commitment to following post-surgery instructions and a healthy lifestyle
  • Non-smoker, non-alcohol/drug abuser.

Perineoplasty must be avoided in the following cases:

  • Females who have future plans of childbearing or are pregnant
  • Having precancerous or cancerous changes that require further investigation and treatment
  • An active genital infection
  • Having an abnormal Pap smear test result. 

These factors pose risks to the desired outcome of the surgery. Therefore, it is important to consult a cosmetic gynaecologist to determine your candidacy before undergoing perineoplasty surgery.

Procedure Overview

Perineoplasty surgery involves removing and repairing vaginal tissue and underlying muscles to address issues related to vaginal opening and muscular support. During perineoplasty, a small diamond or V-shaped incision is made at the vaginal opening to access the underlying muscles. The muscles are tightened through the incision, and the excess tissues are removed. Typically, the surgery lasts around an hour.

Most surgeons prefer using self-dissolving stitches that dissolve within the first week or two. However, if this is not the case, the stitches will be removed during a follow-up appointment approximately one week after the procedure.

Perineoplasty in Hyderabad can be done under local anaesthesia based on the individual’s condition and the extent of work required. A hospital stay is rarely necessary. Patients can return home after a short recovery period at the surgical centre.

Preparations for Perineoplasty

Before undergoing Perineoplasty or Vagina-Repair Surgery in Hyderabad, the surgeon will conduct a thorough clinical assessment to check if the patient is fit and healthy for undergoing surgery or not. During the first appointment with the surgeon, the patient must discuss all the desires and the symptoms/concerns with the gynaecologist regarding the surgery. The surgeon can help the patient understand the procedure and elaborate on the risk and benefits of the procedure.

The patient must follow some pre-surgical instructions as recommended by the surgeon, including:

  • Make required arrangements for the recovery period before the surgery.
  • Be willing to give up smoking before the surgery.
  • If getting local anaesthesia, preoperative fasting might not be needed.
  • Avoid intake of blood thinning medications or supplements.  

Risks and Complications

In addition to knowing the benefits of Perineoplasty, it is crucial to be aware of certain unwanted side effects. If the patient notices the following side effects, one must consult a Cosmetic Gynecologist in Hyderabad at Eternelle Aesthetics.

  • Not achieving the desired outcome regarding the perineum's tightness and strength
  • Dyspareunia- painful sex
  • Infection
  • Constipation
  • Bleeding from the surgical site- Minor bleeding is generally manageable, but if the bleeding is heavy, it is a serious surgical complication.

The risk and complications can be avoided by following pre and post-surgical guidelines.

Recovery and Aftercare

The phase of recovery varies among individuals after Surgical perineoplasty treatment in Hyderabad. Generally, the patient can start light movements a day after the surgery. However, the patient must still avoid doing daily activities for 1-2 days post-surgery. The patient can expect her surgical wounds to heal within 2 weeks after the surgery and then gradually increase their activity level.

The wounds are expected to heal completely within 2-4 weeks after the surgery. Daily activities can be performed, but it is important to remember that strenuous physical activities should be limited.

After 4 weeks, activities such as relaxing exercises and lifting lightweight are permitted. But for 6 weeks, the patient should avoid sexual intercourse, running, heavy lifting, swimming, cycling, and soaking in the bathtub. Any exercise that puts pressure on the surgical site must be avoided initially. However, many patients undergo physical therapy to strengthen their pelvic floor during healing. 

A full recovery from Perineoplasty or Vaginal and Genital Rejuvenation in Hyderabad is expected within three months of the surgery. The side effects, like bruising and swelling, may persist for up to two weeks, but most discomfort will improve after the first few weeks.

  • The patient must take prescribed pain-relieving medications for added comfort.
  • The surgeon will provide perineoplasty aftercare instructions to help minimize potential complications such as bleeding, incision infection, painful intercourse (which will improve over time), vaginal dryness, constipation, and vaginal and perineal tightness.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I undergo Perineoplastyalongside other procedures?

Yes. Perineoplasty can be performed adjunctively with vaginal rejuvenation procedures such as vaginoplasty and labiaplasty for better results. These combined surgeries may be performed in a single session or as two separate surgical sessions. You can discuss your surgical options and eligibility during your initial consultation with Perineoplasty Doctors near me in Hyderabad at Eternelle Aesthetics.

2. What can I expect from Perineoplasty surgery?

Perineoplasty offers various advantages, such as tightened vaginal opening, resulting in more sexual pleasure. It can rejuvenate the vaginal appearance and make the vaginal opening site look and feel better. It can tighten the vagina and relieve vaginal laxity and pain during intercourse.

3. Can I get back to normal perineum after Perenioplasty?

Yes, you can restore normal functioning perineum following your perineoplasty surgery.

4. How long will the results of Perineoplasty surgery last?

Perineoplasty results last lifelong unless the patient does not experience any vaginal delivery in the future. The effect of ageing could never lead to the extent of laxity that the patient had earlier before the surgery.

Perineoplasty cost in Hyderabad

Perineoplasty Cost In Hyderabad ranges between Rs. 1,00,000 - Rs. 1,50,000

The Perineoplasty cost in Hyderabad can vary from patient to patient and is also affected by the location of the clinic, doctor experience, and patient needs.

It is important to consult a doctor at Eternelle Aesthetics to learn more details on perineal repair cost in Hyderabad.

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