Hair Fall Treatment in Hyderabad
Hair Fall Treatment
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Hair Fall Treatment in Hyderabad

Normally, hair strands keep falling out when the hair follicles come into the shedding phase (telogen) of the hair growth cycle. After the hair strands fall, new hair grows in its place as the hair follicles switch to the anagen phase (active hair growth phase). This allows one to maintain a head full of hair. However, there are instances when hair falls out beyond 50-100 hair strands daily and there is no noticeable hair regrowth. This is an indication of excessive hair fall or hair loss concern. If one is experiencing the same it is important to get in touch with a hair fall doctor in Hyderabad at Eternelle Aesthetics who can help one to overcome the issues and get back their scalp full of hair.

Hair Fall Must Be Addressed Immediately

Hair fall can occur in several different ways, depending on what is causing it. It can come slowly or instantly and affect just the scalp or the entire part of the body. Some people lose hair in patches on the scalp, while some people experience gradual thinning on the top of their heads, which is the most common type of hair loss affecting people as they age.

Hair fall can even be a symptom of several medical conditions, including polycystic ovary syndrome, ringworm on the scalp, autoimmune diseases, and thyroid disorders.

Hair fall can affect anyone irrespective of their age, gender, race, or ethnicity. Sometimes, hair fall is temporary while other times hair fall/loss is permanent. There are various causes of hair fall and to tackle them best advanced hair fall treatments in Hyderabad are available at Eternelle Aesthetics.

What is the main reason for hair fall?

In general, hair fall becomes a cosmetic concern when the normal hair growth cycle gets disrupted and most of the hair follicles get trapped in the telogen (hair shedding) phase of the hair growth cycle. Either this is genetically induced or due to internal factors.

The most common causes of hair fall include:

  • Heredity: Some types of alopecia like pattern baldness are inheritable.
  • Hormonal imbalances: At the time of pregnancy, childbirth, or menopause, women experience certain hormonal imbalances (specifically excess androgens) that can cause temporary or permanent hair loss. Thyroid disease and associated hormonal changes can also result in hair fall.
  • Scalp infections: Ringworm is a fungal infection that can cause hair fall, and temporary bald patches on the affected areas of the scalp.
  • Hair-pulling disorder: Hair pulling is an impulse control disorder where individuals have an urge to pull out their hair from the scalp or other parts of their body.
  • Side effects of certain drugs: Hair fall can be a consequence of certain drug intakes, such as those used for cancer, depression, heart problems, gout, and high blood pressure.
  • Excessive hairstyling: Tight hairstyles can cause a condition called traction alopecia, which puts pressure on the follicles by pulling the hair very tightly. If traction alopecia advances, an individual may develop bald spots and thinning of the hair.
  • Nutritional deficiencies: Healthy hair growth is possible if one takes a healthy diet rich in proteins, vitamins, and iron. Deficiency of these nutrients can lead to hair fall.
  • Poor Hair Care: Bleaching hair, hair perming, use of hair styling tools, and application of harsh shampoos and conditioners can all damage hair and lead to hair fall.
  • Stressful events: Any trauma experienced in life like losing a loved one or undergoing surgery can be stressful and because hair fall.
  • Smoking: Hair is not immune to the damage smoking can cause. Toxins in cigarette smoke can also cause hair fall. 

If you're experiencing hair fall and baldness. It is important to get help from an expert. Consult at Eternelle Aesthetics, where the best team of doctors and hair transplant surgeons provides the best hair fall treatment in Hyderabad.

How do I identify my Hair Fall type?

Based on the symptoms the hair fall doctor in Hyderabad can determine your type of hair fall. This includes:

  • Alopecia areata (patchy hair loss): It is an autoimmune condition where the immune system cells mistakenly attack healthy hair follicles and cause the hair strands to fall out without being replaced with new hair. This patchy baldness can occur anywhere on the body, including the scalp, beard area, eyebrows, eyelashes, armpits, nose, and ears.
  • Alopecia totalis (complete baldness): It refers to the loss of all hair on the scalp.
  • Alopecia universalis: When there is hair loss on the scalp as well as all over the body, the condition is called alopecia universalis. This happens rarely.
  • Androgenetic alopecia (pattern baldness): It is the most common type of hair fall that both men and women can experience. In men, pattern baldness shows up as M or U-shaped hairline and hair loss at the top of the head while in women, there is random, diffuse hair thinning/hair loss and widening of their part.
  • Telogen effluvium: It occurs when a large number of hair follicles enter the shedding phase of the hair growth cycle and get arrested there.
  • Anagen effluvium: It is the rapid hair loss that occurs due to certain drugs or chemotherapy.
  • Cicatricial/Scarring alopecia: This rare type of hair loss occurs when inflammation destroys hair follicles and causes scarring which does not allow hair regrowth after falling out. Its types are lichen planopilaris, discoid lupus erythematosus, central centrifugal cicatricial alopecia, and frontal fibrosing alopecia.
  • Tinea capitis: It is a fungal scalp infection, a scalp ringworm that causes hair to fall out in circular patches in the affected areas of the scalp.
  • Hair shaft abnormalities: There are some conditions like trichotillomania, loose androgen syndrome, and traction alopecia which can cause hair strands to thin out and weaken. There could be some break along the hair shaft causing hair fall/loss.

How Hair Fall Treatment in Hyderabad Can Help You?

Treatments for hair fall can help you by providing:

  • Improve scalp health
  • Provide the new hair strength and improved texture
  • Thin hair becomes thick again
  • Improve one’s appearance and look
  • Boost self-esteem and confidence.

Meet the Best Hair Fall Treatment Doctor in Hyderabad

It is recommended to consult the best hair fall doctor to manage your baldness and hair fall issues. They can help one determine the root cause of the fall and get the best-suited treatment. Eternelle Aesthetics is led by a top-rated hair fall treatment doctor and hair transplant surgeon in Hyderabad, Dr. Deepthi Devarakonda. 

She provides the best hair fall control treatments at the best price. This includes supplements and medications to stimulate hair growth and procedures like mesotherapy, GFC, and hair transplant. She recommends hair transplants only when other treatments do not provide the best outcomes

Which treatments are best for Hair fall?

Following are the best hair fall treatments in Hyderabad available at Eternelle Aesthetics.

1. Growth Factor Concentrate (GFC)

GFC therapy is an advanced hair fall control treatment in Hyderabad known for reducing hair fall. This is one of the best treatments for hormonal hair loss. It utilises the activated growth factors from the candidate’s blood to trigger the growth phase in the hormonally challenged hair roots. It is an advanced hair growth method that focuses on stopping hair loss and regrowing hair from existing hair follicles.

It works by improving blood supply to the hair roots and restoring the scalp roots with a blend of essential growth factors that are a combination of peptides, vitamins, minerals, and proteins that imitate the natural growth factors that are already present in the scalp.

As per the hair doctor in Hyderabad at Eternelle Aesthetic, the results obtained are healthier and denser hair growth with a decrease in hair fall. This treatment is proven to be very effective in extending the anagen growth phase of the hair, restoring hair follicles, and increasing the number of active hair follicles. The treatment takes less than 30 minutes but multiple sessions are required to achieve desired results. It is a safe, non-invasive, and non-scarring procedure.

2. Scalp microneedling

Microneedling is a safe and promising tool for hair stimulation and is also useful for treating hair loss. It works by stimulating stem cells, bringing blood flow and nutrients to the scalp, and inducing the activation of growth factors that support hair growth.

Microneedling creates micro-wounds in the affected areas of the scalp that destroy disorganised collagen and lay down new and more organised collagen. The multiple micro-holes/channels even help improve absorption of any topical hair growth stimulating/promoting products like GFC solution, minoxidil, and others, thereby improving hair regrowth.

3. Mesotherapy

To combat the problem of hair fall in Hyderabad it works by stimulating hair tissues, regenerating cells of the epidermis, and activating blood circulation, mesotherapy treatment is highly effective. This procedure nourishes the scalp by providing a boost of vitamins and other required nutrients, restores hormonal balance, strengthens follicles, and eliminates infection by making the hair healthier and shiner.

Hair mesotherapy involves injecting medications consisting of liquids-rich in nutrients directly into the mesoderm of the scalp, which stimulates the skin cells to produce collagen and elastin which are responsible for hair growth. The results of hair mesotherapy are considered to be more effective in the initial stages of the hair loss process as a preventive measure for baldness. Mesotherapy negates the D-H-T hormone and ensures hair regrowth.

4. Hair Transplant

Hair transplantation is a surgical procedure that allows permanent hair restoration and prevents further hair fall. The procedure involves taking the healthy hair of the candidate and moving it to an area where he or she does not have hair. A hair transplant surgeon in Hyderabad at Eternelle Aesthetics performs Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT) for hair restoration.

How can I stop my Hair Fall naturally?

Here are some ways recommended by a hair fall doctor in Hyderabad that can help manage hair fall problems.

  • Do not wash the hair too frequently, as it reduces the amount of oil content that is necessary for healthy hair. Using a mild shampoo is essential for washing the hair.
  • Deep conditioning of the hair helps combat dryness and revitalises it, thereby preventing hair fall.
  • Do not tie and comb wet hair, as it causes more breakage to the hair.
  • Hair oil massage increases blood circulation in the scalp, which provides nutrients directly to the hair roots.
  • Increasing water intake and staying hydrated all day keep the hair and scalp hydrated by clearing away toxins from the body. Proper intake of healthy foods is a must when it comes to taking care of hair.
  • Do not use hot water to wash the hair, as it can damage the hair. Prefer warm or cold water for washing the hair.
  • Regular hair trimming helps avoid dull/split ends and keeps the hair looking healthy.
  • Stress is one of the major reasons for substantial hair loss among individuals. Avoid stress if you want strong and healthy hair.

Frequently Asked Questions about Hair Fall

Can stress cause hair loss?

As per, Dr. Deepthi Devarakonda, stress causes hair loss. A person experiencing extreme or extended levels of stress may develop hair loss. Treatment of the underlying cause of it can be helpful.

Can shampoo and styling cause hair loss?

Pulling back the hair tightly or introducing hair with extreme heating devices may cause hair loss or traction alopecia. Choosing the wrong hair care products or shampoo may contribute to hair loss. Shampoos that contain harmful chemicals such as parabens, sulphates, silicons, formaldehyde-releasing preservatives or synthetic fragrances cause damage to the hair. So, choose your shampoo wisely.

Which deficiency causes hair fall?

Deficiency of vitamins B, C, D and E, and minerals like zinc and iron causes hair loss problems. Following a proper diet rich in iron, zinc and vitamins will stop hair fall problems.

Who can best treat my hair fall concern?

To get the best hair treatments consult with a hair doctor or hair transplant surgeon. They will have deep knowledge about hair problems and experience in dealing with hair problems well.

Hair fall and baldness can affect one’s look and confidence. Visit Eternelle Aesthetics, and get the best treatments that can help one overcome hair fall and get the best cost of hair fall treatment in Hyderabad.

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