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Benefits of The G-Shot

G-shot is a painless, safe, non-surgical treatment that can help women with sexual dysfunction. It is associated with minimal to no downtime. The reported pros of undergoing the G-shot procedure include:

  • Increased natural lubrication of the vagina
  • Reduced vaginal pain at the time of sexual intercourse
  • Stronger orgasms
  • Improved blood circulation in the vaginal area and firmness because of collagen
  • Reduced symptoms of urinary incontinence or settled urinary incontinence

Greater sexual desire and enhanced sexual experiences, pleasure, and satisfaction, due to more sensitivity.

Meet the Doctor - Best Doctor for G-Shot Treatment in Hyderabad & India

Dr. Maalavika Appasani is a highly skilled female plastic surgeon in Hyderabad specialising in female aesthetic and reconstructive procedures. With a passion for empowering women and enhancing their self-confidence, she has dedicated her career to transforming lives through her expertise in plastic surgery and innovative G-Shot treatment. She takes the time to understand her patients' desires, concerns, and goals.

Recognizing the importance of women's intimate wellness, she offers G-Shot treatment. She listens to her patients in order to help give them  exactly what they want. It is a revolutionary procedure designed to enhance sexual satisfaction and increase sensitivity for women. She administers this non-surgical treatment, using FDA-approved methods to rejuvenate and enhance intimate areas.

About G-Shot in Hyderabad

How To Locate The G-Spot? | G-Shot Treatment in Hyderabad 

Enhance your sexual gratification or spice up your sex life with the G-spot amplification procedure performed at Eternelle Aesthetics. It is a painless in-office procedure completed within 30 minutes and one can resume regular activities right after their appointment. 

Low Libido in Women

Many women are sexually frustrated as they are not able to have orgasms and pleasure in sex. Orgasms are possible when the G-spot area of the vagina is very sensitive. Unfortunately, women lack this sensitivity.

  • The culprit behind it is mostly the hormonal imbalances but there could be many other possible causative factors.
  • Women may experience a lack of sensations because of a decline in oes-trogen levels at the time of menopause, interference in sexual functions during recovery after childbirth, and reduced G-spot prevalence with advancing age.
  • Genetics may also be the reason to feel fewer sensations or the thinning or drying out of the vaginal walls.

Such G-spot sensitivity problems can be taken care of by G-shot treatment.

G-Shot Treatment For Women in Hyderabad

G (Grafenberg) shot is an aesthetic procedure wherein a small filler injection is placed into the G-spot region of the vagina to enhance vaginal sensitivity. The G-spot is a sensitive area of the anterior vaginal wall, along the course of the urethra, known to be highly erogenous.

It got its name from Dr. Ernest Grafenberg who found about G-spot and first described it in an article published in the International Journal of Sexology in 1950. It is one of the primary anatomical sites of stimulation situated approximately 2-6 cm from the vaginal entrance. This area is full of multiple nerve endings that help women reach orgasm.

G-Shot Injection in Hyderabad Increase Sexual Activity

  • G-shot treatment for women makes use of soft tissue fillers, collagen-filled injections, or bio-injectables like hyaluronic acid to address intrinsic sphincter deficiency that affects elderly women and provides continence.
  • At the time of sexual activity, G-shot is a revolutionary approach to improve sexual stimulation in sexually-frustrated women and make sex more pleasurable by making G-spot more pronounced.

G-Shot Treatment Working

  1. G-shot is a painless in-office treatment typically involving injecting hyaluronic acid filler into the vagina.
  2. Hyaluronic acid is a natural substance present in large amounts within the body and has a water retaining ability. As an ingredient of filler, hyaluronic acid is a synthetic gel-like substance.
  3. When a hyaluronic acid injection is used in the G-spot region of the female vagina, it stimulates blood flow and helps in new tissue growth to improve vaginal sensitivity. The G-shot helps in mommy makeovers by helping women experience changes in their sexual functions and have more sexual pleasure post-pregnancy.
  4. The G-shot works to enlarge or augment the G-spot. It makes the G-spot of size about a quarter in width and one-fourth of an inch in height that can protrude into the vagina and can be felt during sexual activity. As the urethra of the woman enlarges, it swells out greatly as orgasm ends and this can be easily felt. The posterior region of the urethra that originates from the neck of the urinary bladder is the most stimulating part.

Why Do Women Get A G-Shot?

G-shot treatment is undertaken by women for G-spot amplification and subsequent improvements in experiences of their sexual activity. It can be performed for concerns like female sexual wellness and mommy makeover.

To get this procedure benefits, make a visit at Eternelle Aesthetics, G-Shot clinic in Hyderabad.

Various other vaginal rejuvenation, sexual satisfaction, and female sexual wellness treatment in Hyderabad are also offered at the clinic by experts.

The therapy is indicated for:
  • Involuntary urination or urinary incontinence with more mobility of the female urethra
  • Wide vagina having inaccessible G-spot needed for normal vaginal stimulation
  • A curved vagina since birth that makes the G-spot difficult to access in some positions or not at all
  • Lack of orgasm in women and her little sexual satisfaction.

Suitable Candidates For G-Shot

  • G-Shot procedure in Hyderabad is suitable for women who have normal sexual functioning and no emotional or psychological issues. It is for women who experience reduced vaginal sensitivity and challenges in their sexual arousal or vaginal orgasm during intimate moments and so wish to have a pleasurable sexual experience.
  • G-shot is not recommended for women seeking treatments for sexual dysfunctions like low sex drive/low libido or dyspareunia.
  • The best way to confirm candidacy for a G-shot is to consult the healthcare professional offering this treatment.

G-Shot Treatment Procedure in Detail

Before Treatment

There is no special preparation required before going ahead with the G-shot procedure.

The Procedure

The G-shot procedure is quick and usually lasts for only 5 minutes. It is performed under topical anaesthesia which is placed at the location of the G-spot. After the G-spot region gets numbed, the patient is asked to position herself on the examination table as if she is getting a PAP smear- with her legs in stirrups.

Thereafter, the healthcare professional examines the pelvic area and measures the G-spot area. The measurement of the G-spot is transferred to a special speculum. This speculum with an already located G-spot is then inserted into the patient’s vagina and then filler is administered. After injecting the filler into the vagina, a tampon is placed into the vagina to collect blood caused by slight vaginal bleeding. This tampon is removed in 4 hours following the treatment.  

After Treatment

After 4 hours of receiving the G shot, the patient can resume her normal sexual activity. The results of G-shot treatment vary from one patient to another and are immediately noticeable. These usually last anywhere between 3-6 months and may extend to 12 months, depending upon the type of filler injected. Maintenance injections will be required to keep enjoying sexual activities. The patient can return to her usual daily activities right after her treatment.

The complete rehabilitation following the G-spot treatment happens in 1-2 days. During this period, the patient must practise sexual abstinence which means having no sex and even avoiding going to steam rooms and swimming in pools with chlorinated water.

Frequently Asked Questions on G-shot Treatment

1. Is the G-shot safe?

G-shot procedure techniques are generally safe if performed by a skilled and experienced professional at Eternelle Aesthetics. Rarely, the procedure can cause complications. Typically, G-shot causes mild side effects such as slight bruising, redness, or minor pain and swelling. Other potential side effects seen from the G-shot procedure include persistent arousal, urinary retention, bleeding, constant vaginal wetness, hypersexuality, UTI, scar formation, altered vaginal sensations, or inconsistent results.

2. How is G-shot different from O-shot?

Both G-shot and O-shot treatments in Hyderabad are designed for vaginal rejuvenation to improve female sexual health and sexual experiences and help her regain confidence both inside and outside the bedroom. The main difference is: G-shot makes use of dermal filler like hyaluronic acid which is injected directly into the G-spot zone of the vagina while O-shot utilises P-R-P solution which is directly administered into the clitoris and inside of the upper part of the vagina. 

3. How much does a G-shot cost?

The cost of G-shot treatment depends on varied factors, including:

  • The special sexual needs of the patient
  • The specific treatment or technique required
  • Number of injections the patient requests for or would need to get optimal results
  • The provider’s expertise and involvement and the length of the procedure
  • The Clinic’s locality.

To get more information on G-shot treatment cost in Hyderabad, schedule a visit with the experts at Eternelle Aesthetics.

If you want to receive a G-shot at an affordable price, visit Eternelle Aesthetics today. The exact cost of the procedure is discussed by our professionals before treatment during your face-to-face meeting.

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