Will the results of breast augmentation be permanent?

Will the results of breast augmentation be permanent?

Date 03 Jan 2024  

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Breast augmentation accomplished with the placement of medical devices called silicone or saline implants is one of the most sought-after aesthetic surgeries among women nowadays. This surgery is meant to increase the breast size, shape, and volume, thus proving to be a positive solution for women dissatisfied with their naturally small breasts and who want to improve their upper body appearance affected by old age, extra weight, and childbearing.

When considering breast augmentation surgery, many women frequently ask questions about how long they can expect their breast augmentation results to last. In this post, the best plastic and cosmetic surgeon in Hyderabad at Eternelle Aesthetics answers this question very well while throwing some light on what to expect from breast augmentation when there is a need for breast revision, and what are the breast revision options.

Breast Augmentation Procedure

Here are the steps involved in breast augmentation surgery with implants:

  1. Providing anesthesia- The surgery is performed under general anesthesia or the patient receives IV sedation, 30 minutes before the procedure. An anaesthesiologist determines together with the patient as to which anesthesia to provide.   
  2. Making incision- Different incision patterns can be made to carry out the procedure. The surgeon can perform the surgery by creating a cut under the breast (inframammary fold), along the areola edge (the periareolar incision), or via the armpit (a trans axillary approach). The approach used by the surgeon will depend upon the patient’s needs.
  3. Insertion of breast implants- The placement of the breast implant can be done in two ways: under the breast tissue and in front of the breast muscle or behind the pectoral muscle. There are a few factors on which the placement of the implant depends. These are the chosen types of implants- silicone or saline and to what extent the size of the breasts is desired to be increased. This decision of which method to use is made by the surgeon and the patient together.
  4. Closure of the incision- After placement of the breast implant, the incision is sutured together to close it. The surgeon may even place a drainage tube inside the incision for the removal of pool-up extra blood or fluids at the surgical site. Lastly, the breast is covered with sterile gauze, and the patient can go back home with a surgical supportive upper garment.

Is Breast Augmentation Permanent?

Breast augmentation results cannot stay for a lifetime. However, breast implants can stay for 10-15 years or sometimes beyond depending upon lifestyle factors and the type of implant used.
The time for which a breast implant typically lasts depends upon the natural aging process and not on the integrity of the breast implants. There is no general shelf life on breast implants. The result of augmentation depends upon different factors. These include:

  • Aging- With advancing age, particularly in women experiencing menopause or change in oes-trogen hormone levels, the breast volume and tightness changes which alter the shape of the natural breasts. The thinning of the skin and fat displacement happens as one gets older. This could make the breast implants more visible or detectable by touch.
  • Pregnancy- Women who have given birth to a child and are breastfeeding are likely to experience a drastic reduction in the volume of their breast tissues.
  • Body weight- If a woman experiences a considerable amount of weight loss following breast augmentation, the natural volume of their breasts also reduces. Similarly, if a woman gains a significant amount of weight after the procedure, the breast size also increases. This happens because of more fat deposition in the breasts, thereby making the results less than ideal. For more details one can get in touch with female cosmetic surgeons to learn more on breast augmentation in Hyderabad at Eternelle Aesthetics.

When To Consider Breast Augmentation Revision Surgery?

A breast augmentation revision surgery may be necessary in a few cases. For instance, when you wish to revise your breast implants after 10-15 years because of bodily changes impacting the implant or when the results are not satisfactory. Some women desire removal of breast implants altogether while others may want to change the shape, size, or material of the breast implants.

There might be a prompt need for a breast revision if the following concerns arise:

  • Capsular contracture- Over the years, the breast implant becomes more fragile and increases the likelihood of failure. Other potential reasons are infections, rupturing, and rippling of breast implants. Capsular contracture refers to the tightening and constructing of the scar tissue around the breast implant that makes the implant hard.
  • Implant rupture- Its chances are very low in at least the first decade of having a breast implant. However, as the implant ages, the shell of the implant becomes fragile and ruptures to allow the inner contents of the implant to escape.

Some Breast Revision Options

A breast revision is personally designed as per each patient's needs. The options for a breast revision are:

  • Permanent breast implant removal without replacement- This is performed to get rid of the damaged or unwanted implant before the tightening of the pocket created for placement of the breast implant. It is sometimes performed in adjunct breast lift surgery to raise the sagging breasts.
  • Breast implant removal and exchange- This is carried out to remove the unwanted, damaged, or ruptured breast implant and replace it with a new breast implant. The technique allows the adjustment of the type, size, and shape of the implant.
  • Breast implant placement- When the patient is dissatisfied with the location of implant placement, the implant is removed and repositioned to the desired site.
  • Breast capsulectomy- This is performed to treat implant complications like capsular contracture. The surgery involves the removal of the thickened capsule to improve the breast's appearance. One of the forms of capsulectomy is En bloc capsulectomy. It involves the removal of the breast implant and its surrounding capsule in one piece. It is recommended particularly when the breast implant has ruptured.  

Want to Know More About Breast Augmentation?

If you have any questions related to breast augmentation in Hyderabad with implants or thinking of going ahead with breast augmentation or a breast revision, call our plastic surgery clinic in Hyderabad.

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