Who is a Good Candidate for a Mommy Makeover?

Who is a Good Candidate for a Mommy Makeover?

Date 05 Dec 2023  

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Motherhood may be a wonderful experience in many ways. Pregnancy and its consequences on the body can leave many new mothers with low self-worth and self-confidence. If a woman has had similar thoughts, do not worry- for a mommy makeover can help improve the post-pregnancy body shape and restore the body contours.

In simple terms, a mommy makeover is a set of procedures aimed at improving the areas of the body that have been badly affected by pregnancy. Breasts, abdomen, thighs, and buttocks are examples of these areas. The combination of procedures is designed to satisfy the unique and varying demands of each patient and, as a result, may differ slightly from person to person.

Mommy Makeover

“The mommy makeover's results are meant to be permanent. Women shouldn't have to worry about losing the results if they don't get pregnant again or gain a lot of weight. While the procedure can restore and rejuvenate the post-pregnancy body to a healthier, more aesthetically pleasing contour, it cannot prevent the natural signs of aging”, shares mommy makeover surgeon in Hyderabad at Eternelle Aesthetics.

A mommy makeover typically includes any combination of a tummy tuck, liposuction, breast lift, breast reduction, and breast implants.

Procedures Under Mommy Makeover

  • Breast augmentation

Breast implants give feminine fullness and help alleviate minor sagging after giving birth. It can also be used to correct asymmetry and turn an inverted nipple around.

  • Breast lift

As women age and breastfeed, their breasts might expand downward and lose their youthful contour. Breast lift surgery lifts the breasts along the chest wall, making them appear firmer and perkier.

  • Tummy tuck

Pregnancy and weight fluctuations can cause the skin around the lower abdomen to stretch permanently. Tummy tuck surgery removes excess skin from the tummy, resulting in a firm, flat tummy.

  • Liposuction

Fat can accumulate around the tummy, flanks, thighs, and bra area. Liposuction is a versatile procedure that suctions fat cells away to slim and contour the body.

Ideal Candidate for Mommy Makeover

The purpose of the combination of procedures is to deal with the cosmetic effects caused by pregnancy on a woman's body. Because pregnancy affects each woman's body differently, there are particular signs to look for that show this may be the best choice for women.

1. A woman has attained her desired body weight

Before undergoing mommy makeover in Hyderabad, it is critical to achieve a healthy body weight. Significant weight loss after surgery can have adverse effects on results, and these treatments aren't intended to remove an excessive amount of fat from the body.

The tummy tuck, for example, is intended to tighten the loose skin in the abdomen. If a woman has the surgery and then loses more weight, she may have extra loose skin in the treated area. If the loose skin reappears, the only way to get rid of it is to have another surgical procedure.

2. A woman is done having children

If a woman just had her first child and is not sure about further pregnancy she might postpone the surgery. Getting pregnant again after the treatment will reverse its effects, causing further loose skin, changing breast size or placement, and leading her to gain weight. A woman can begin thinking about undergoing surgery if she doesn't want more children.

3. A woman has a C-section scarring

Scarring around the abdomen is common after a C-section and can be repaired during the procedure. Other scars on the lower abdomen, such as those from hernia surgery, an appendectomy, or stretch marks, can also be treated.

4. A woman is at least six months past giving birth

Childbirth is a difficult and potentially stressful process for the entire body. Before considering cosmetic surgery, women should wait for at least six months after giving birth to give their bodies time to heal.

Breastfeeding is another reason for waiting for at least six months. Breastfeeding changes the contour of a woman's breasts, and it is crucial to wait until they have settled into a permanent shape before making any changes.

5. A woman is in good physical and mental health

The mommy makeover is considered as an elective surgery, which means it is not medically essential. However, it is still a severe matter. If a woman decides to have surgery, her surgeon will want to ensure that she is in good physical and mental condition. If a woman has any present medical conditions that may interfere with the process, not only will the results be affected, but so will her health.

In terms of psychological health, it's critical to undergo the mommy makeover for the correct reasons and to understand what it can and cannot accomplish for them.

6. A woman should have realistic expectations

A positive attitude and reasonable expectations are required. Candidates should recognize that a mommy makeover is not a one-size-fits-all approach and that results may vary depending on individual anatomy and surgical techniques. It is critical to discuss goals, expectations, and possible results with the doctor. A doctor will discuss the options with patients and recommend the best procedures to achieve their goals.

7. A woman should adhere to her recovery commitment

Recovery after a mommy makeover involves relaxing physically and following post-operative suggestions. It can take several weeks to restore movement and up to a year for the results to completely heal and settle. Candidates should be prepared to take time away from work and daily duties to ensure a smooth and successful recovery. Following the surgeon's instructions and attending follow-up consultations with the doctor are critical for the best recovery and desired results.


A mommy makeover is a collection of procedures designed to deal with the effects of pregnancy on the body and restore its youthful appearance. These procedures can be modified based on the woman's unique needs, the results they want to attain, and what the surgeon recommends.

Most women are good candidates for surgery if they have reached a stable weight, do not want to have more children, and can maintain a healthy lifestyle to ensure the life expectancy of their results. If one is interested in this procedure and wants more details on mommy makeover cost in Hyderabad to get the incredible transformation, they can get in touch with the experts at Eternelle Aesthetics.