When And Why Do We Need Fat In Our Breast Tissue?

When And Why Do We Need Fat In Our Breast Tissue?

Date 06 Apr 2024  

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Fat Transfer and Breast Augmentation

When it comes to achieving a slight yet significant improvement in breast appearance and more harmonious breast contour after pregnancy and breastfeeding, fat transfer to the breasts can be an ideal choice for women. 

Breast augmentation with autologous fat transfer is a cutting-edge, minimally invasive cosmetic procedure designed to increase breast size and enhance breast volume, shape, and symmetry by using one's body's extranatural stubborn fat deposits. The procedure involves gently extracting small amounts of fat from donor areas, such as the belly or thighs; processing/purifying the harvested fat; and finally, placing the processed fat into the breasts with the help of sterile injections. 

‘This procedure is becoming popular nowadays because it does not involve the use of implants, and just with the help of the patient's own fat, one can achieve the desired breast shape’, shares the famous breast cosmetic surgeon in Hyderabad at Eternelle Aesthetics. If you are a person who needs improvement in your breasts and think you want to opt for this procedure, then this blog will help you clear your doubts. 

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When Should You Consider Fat Transfer for Breast Augmentation?

Primarily, fat transfer in the breasts is recommended for women who have smaller, less fuller breasts and are not willing to have a foreign body called breast implant placed in their breasts. It is suggested by plastic/cosmetic surgeons when there are minor to moderate modifications to breast volume and not much increase in breast cup size desired by women. Fat transfer is a controlled approach of sculpting fat on both breasts, so they appear symmetrical, which is why women go for it.  

Furthermore, for a woman, having a loss of volume in the upper pole of the breasts means no proper cleavage. Such women feel distressed about having an unappealing upper body aesthetic, and the only best solution for them to achieve their sexually attractive upper body is fat transfer breast augmentation.

Breast augmentation in Hyderabad with both fat and implants is performed at Eternelle Aesthetics. You can get in touch with them if you are shy because of your small breasts or experiencing loss of breast volume after weight loss or pregnancy. They can help you with their best treatments.

Ideal Candidates For Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation

In general, individuals should meet the following criteria to be a good candidate for fat transfer breast augmentation:

  • They should be in good general health.
  • They should not be a smoker or have quit smoking since smoking raises the risk of problems before and after surgery and slows the healing process as well as interferes with the desired treatment outcome.
  • They should be ready to take out their precious time for more than one session to reach their desired level of breast augmentation outcome.
  • They should be committed to completing their recovery period properly. Their recovery time will be determined by the amount of fat extracted and the number of liposuction areas.
  • They have had a lumpectomy or partial mastectomy and want to improve the appearance of their breast(s) afterwards.
  • They have undergone a previous breast implant surgery and experienced a rupture or dimpling of the implant, or they want to minimise the appearance of any obvious implant contours for a more natural look. 
  • They should hold realistic expectations of their treatment outcome. 

Indications of Breast Augmentation Using Fat

  • Faced loss of breast volume post massive weight loss
  • One who has small breast size compared to body configuration
  • Have deflated breasts after pregnancy and lactation
  • Suffering from asymmetry of the breasts that is visible prominently.

Why Opt For Fat Transfer To The Breast?

Breast fat transfer has various advantages, making it a popular alternative for improving the bust line. The major benefits of breast augmentation with fat transfer include:

  • Natural and customised breast augmentation: Women receiving fat transfer injections in their breasts achieve a naturally enhanced appearance and feel because the fat is taken from their bodies. The fat transfer is custom-tailored as per women's specific desires and aesthetic goals or needs for improved breast appearance.  
  • Minimally invasive procedure: The fat is harvested using the liposuction technique, and the fat transfer is done with the help of an injection. The fat harvesting involves making a tiny incision to insert a cannula at the donor site. This means the procedure is minimally discomforting, associated with minimal side effects, and allows quick recovery.  
  • Dual benefits: As fat is taken from areas with extra fat and injected into the breasts, the procedure helps contour the body while improving overall appearance and enhancing overall body aesthetics. Addressing excess fat in donor areas produces a more harmonious and balanced body structure.
  • Reduced risk of allergies: Fat transfer uses the patient's body fat. This means there is a considerably lower chance of a patient experiencing allergic reactions than possible with the placing of a foreign body- the breast implants.
  • Long-lasting results: Fat for transfer to the breast is taken from areas having stubborn fat deposits. These fat cells properly integrate and remain stable, yielding long-term results.
  • Natural cleavage: Fat transfer, when done on the upper pole of the breasts, can help improve the cleavage area, thereby providing a more youthful and natural breast appearance.
  • Safe procedure: Generally, fat transfer to breasts is a safe and well-tolerated procedure since it is performed by an expert and experienced cosmetic surgeon in Hyderabad at Eternelle Aesthetics using advanced technology and state-of-the-art equipment and by an expert female plastic and cosmetic surgeon.   

What to Expect During Fat Breast Augmentation Procedure?

Pre-Treatment Consultation

During the consultation, the provider thoroughly reviews the patient's medical history and discusses their specific goals and cosmetic objectives to determine whether fat transfer is a good option for them. After the suitability for the procedure is determined, the provider creates a personalised treatment plan for the patient to help her achieve the best possible results.

Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation Surgery Procedure

Fat transfer breast augmentation involves the following procedural steps:

  1. Harvesting fat: The provider carefully extracts small amounts from donor areas, such as the belly or thighs, using a minimally invasive liposuction approach. This extraction method is gentle enough to protect fat cell viability. 
  2. Processing and purification: The obtained fat is carefully processed in a centrifuge to yield small-sized fat particles. This phase is critical to the survival of the transferred fat.
  3. Injecting of purified fat: Processed fat is injected precisely into the area of breast tissues with less fat. 

Precise safety protocols are followed throughout the procedure, including sterile techniques and constant monitoring. These precautions are in place to reduce possible risks and ensure patient safety.

After Fat transfer

The areas of breasts injected with fat appear swollen and sensitive soon after the treatment. To reduce swelling, apply a cold pack or compress. The swelling will begin to lessen after three days. Depending on the areas of the body that have been treated, women may need to wear a compression garment. 

Most patients will be able to go home the same day they have undergone the fat transfer breast augmentation. They may not feel safe or comfortable enough to return to work or socialise for at least a week. After the first week, any bruising should be significantly reduced, but swelling will remain for a few weeks.

The patients should expect the effects of the fat transfer to appear slightly exaggerated for up to two or three months after the procedure. This is because the provider had to inject more fat than was required during the procedure. An average of 20 to 30 percent of the transplanted fat cells do not survive. These are absorbed and naturally removed by the body over a few months.

The breast augmentation surgeon in Hyderabad at Eternelle Aesthetics also analyses the final result of the treatment after three months. However, a second session may sometimes be required to achieve optimal results. 

Consult the Expert

Want to learn more on the cost of breast augmentation in Hyderabad and how this procedure can change your overall look and confidence? Then, get in touch with an expert surgeon at Eternelle Aesthetics. This procedure can help you enhance your breast harmony in relation to your body contour without any significant risk. 

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