What Procedure Do I Need to Remove The Bulge On Top Of My Vulva?

What Procedure Do I Need to Remove The Bulge On Top Of My Vulva?

Date 28 Dec 2023  

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The significance of sexual organ aesthetics for a healthier sexual life is widely overlooked. Women can have extra skin on the sides of their clitoris-erogenous part of the vagina. This excess skin might appear large, uneven, or even unattractive, and cause difficulties and troubles in a physical relationship with the partner.

The "clitoral hood" in women is analogous to the foreskin in men. The clitoral hood is a skin fold that serves as a protective flap for the clitoris just as the foreskin does for penile glans. The shape, size, and colour of the clitoral hood differs from woman to woman.

Some women have an enormous clitoral hood, or extra skin, which can be unattractive or cause sexual issues. This is also known as "excess prepuce.” As a result, many women who face difficulties as a result of this, or who wish to take advantage of the benefits of having a proper clitoral hood size, prefer to reduce it with clitoral hood reduction surgery in Hyderabad, performed by expert cosmetic gynaecologist surgeon at Eternelle Aesthetics. 

Clitoral Hood Reduction Surgery

Clitoral hood reduction, also known as hoodectomy, is an extremely advantageous procedure that seeks to remove extra tissue surrounding the clitoris to expose the clitoris and improve the overall appearance of the vulva. To begin with, patients should know that hoodectomy is not a type of genital mutilation and does not include the clitoris itself. Rather it addresses extra tissue or an extensive clitoral hood that interferes with the structure and function of the clitoris.

Clitoral hood reduction in Hyderabad involves removing extra tissue from the clitoral hood's sides. This procedure is intended to make the skin appear flatter and smoother. It also allows the labia to get closer to the clitoris. It can be performed in combination with a majora or minora labiaplasty. The removal of the labia can result in a larger clitoris. 90% of labiaplasty cases require tissue reduction on the sides and top of the clitoral hood, which is frequently performed concurrently with labiaplasty. The goal is to remove the superfluous skin and allow for appropriate excision of the labial tissue to which the hood skin is attached. This allows for a more reduced and less top-heavy appearance as well as addresses uncomfortable pinching and rubbing by simply moving to the hood area post-labiaplasty.

The clitoris and nerves are not directly affected when the clitoral hood is removed. This is not a surgical method. The entire procedure is performed in the office under local anaesthesia and takes about 30 minutes. When removing the hood skin, care is taken not to damage the erectile tissue or upset the nerves. While this procedure is most commonly performed concurrently with labiaplasty, it can and has been performed as a separate, single treatment.

Clitoral Hood Reduction Treatment Benefits

There are various benefits to clitoral hood reduction, which is why the majority of patients are highly pleased with the results.

Over 15,000 nerve endings in the clitoris contribute to increased sexual pleasure. Excess skin on the clitoris desensitises it to sexual stimulation and interferes with the woman's sexual experience. Thus, by reducing the clitoral hood, the clitoris is essentially exposed and more easily sexually stimulated.

Some of the benefits of clitoral hood reduction for women include:

  • Enhanced sexual pleasure
  • Intense and powerful orgasms
  • Enhanced sexual arousal
  • Improved hood's cosmetic appeal and sexual organ aesthetics 
  • Makes wearing tighter garments more comfortable.

Ideal candidates for Clitoral Hood Reduction

A woman may be a candidate for clitoral hood reduction if she is uncomfortable with the size and shape of the skin around the clitoris or if the excess clitoral hood tissue causes problems with the ability to reach orgasm or sexual stimulation. Certain types of tight clothing may be uncomfortable or embarrassing for some women with extra clitoral hood tissue so they might seek clitoral hood reduction. Another reason why women can be a candidate for clitoral hood reduction is when they undergo labiaplasty to lower the size of their labia minora without clitoral hood reduction and end up having an "unbalanced" appearance of their vaginal lips. 

Best Clitoral Hood Reduction Doctors in Hyderabad at Eternelle Aesthetics can help one get to know more about this surgery and its benefits in detail.

Before the Procedure

Clitoral hood reduction is a cosmetic gynaecological and Female Genital Cosmetic Surgery in Hyderabad that is performed commonly at Eternelle Aesthetics. Before clitoral hood reduction is performed, the patient undergoes a thorough consultation with the concerned gynaecological surgeon. The surgeon's approach to clitoral hood reduction is fully determined by the patient's specific demands and goals.

During the initial consultation, the patient can discuss the issues she wishes to be  addressed with the surgeon. Following that, the surgeon examines the clitoral hood as part of the overall vulvar/clitoral balance and creates a plan of action. To get the desired cosmetic result, alternative procedures are evaluated and discussed by the surgeon. 

Furthermore, the surgeon provides precise instructions for pre- and post-operative care before the scheduled operation day.

During Clitoral Hood Reduction Treatment in Hyderabad  

Clitoral hood reduction is a relatively simple outpatient surgical procedure that takes roughly an hour from start to finish under local anaesthesia, oral sedation, or sometimes general anaesthesia. 

During the procedure, the prepuce (an extra skin) is carefully cut away without harming the clitoris or any of the surrounding nerves by making a small incision in the clitoral hood to reach the superfluous tissue. Following the successful completion of the treatment, the incision is closed with dissolvable stitches. 

Results and Recovery

  • The results of the procedure are permanent, but they may be changed by pregnancy or childbirth. The full extent of the clitoral hood reduction will not be obvious until the discomfort has subsided.
  • Mild swelling and bruising are common following surgery. Hoodoplasty is frequently performed in combination with labiaplasty, and so the recovery period is mostly controlled by the labiaplasty. As this differs from person to person, it is recommended that one visit the doctor for more personalised information.
  • However, it is normally advised to stay away from sexual activity for a few weeks after surgery.


In today’s time, vaginal rejuvenation services are becoming increasingly popular. Therefore, an increasing number of women are turning to procedures such as clitoral hood reduction surgery to restore their sexual health and confidence. This procedure may address numerous issues. Its primary purpose is to remove superfluous tissue and improve the overall shape and function of the clitoris.

If one is interested in this procedure and wants more details on Clitoral Hood Reduction Cost in Hyderabad, India, they can get in touch with the expert doctors at Eternelle Aesthetics. As the surgery is customised based on one's unique needs, talking to an expert becomes essential for more details.