What is the Ideal Age for Plastic Surgery?

What is the Ideal Age for Plastic Surgery?

Date 30 Nov 2023  

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As plastic surgery trends vary, one may wonder whether you are too old or too young to undergo surgery. For instance, if an individual is considering a facelift at the age of 40, they may have friends and family from a different generation advise them that they are far too young for such a procedure. However, the average age for many surgeries has declined over the years, and a facelift at 40 is not unusual in recent years. Furthermore, having cosmetic surgery at a younger age may be useful in postponing the onset of some aging signs.

‘In general, there is no age limit for having plastic surgery’, shares expert plastic surgeon in Hyderabad, Dr. Deepthi Devarakonda, practising at Eternelle Aesthetics. However, certain factors need to be considered, including the patient's age, when assessing whether or not they are a good candidate for a specific surgery. Patients who want to undergo a facelift must have enough skin elasticity left, regardless of their age. A doctor will do a comprehensive examination, discuss the patient's concerns and goals, and prescribe a treatment that is appropriate for them during their initial consultation.

Lastly, the surgeon determines whether or not an individual is eligible for any cosmetic procedure, which may be influenced by several criteria, including:

  • Age 
  • Weight
  • Lifestyle
  • Future pregnancy possibilities
  • Medical problems
  • Medications
  • Surgical background
  • Tobacco consumption
  • Surgery expectations.

At almost every age, men and women undergo various forms of cosmetic surgery to improve their appearance. Patients in the "middle-aged" group account for the vast majority of plastic surgery cases in general, while there are some trends in which procedures are most popular within each age group. For example, the majority of breast augmentation cases have been performed on patients in their 20s, 30s, and 40s, whereas the majority of facelifts are performed on people 40 and older.

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The Minimum Age for Plastic Surgery

The majority of plastic surgery treatments have a minimum age limit. However, there is no maximum age requirement. The truth is that most people seek plastic surgery procedures in their golden years to seem younger. The majority of plastic surgery treatments require a minimum age of 18 years.

If an individual is over the age of 18, the best time to have cosmetic surgery is when they believe their aesthetic look is out of sync with modern beauty standards and the condition hurts their self-esteem. When considering plastic surgery, there are other aspects to consider.

In case, the family is complete and women have no plans to conceive again, they should consider having plastic surgery. Pregnancy has a severe impact on the body, neutralising the aesthetic benefits of plastic surgery. During pregnancy, a woman's body undergoes hormonal changes, which cause physical changes.

Plastic Surgery for Teenagers

Teenagers are especially image-conscious due to hormonal changes in their bodies. They take even minor aesthetic issues seriously, and even some attractive teenagers believe they are visually ugly. All of this is the result of hormonal imbalances. As a result, plastic surgery on teenagers is only carried out in extremely uncommon situations.

Also, during this stage of life, the body is constantly growing and developing. Plastic surgery on the body, while it is still developing, does not result in favourable aesthetic results. To get excellent results from plastic surgery, the body's growth should be stable.

Plastic Surgery for Seniors

While there is no harm in getting plastic surgery in the 60s and 70s, the risks are higher for patients because aging often affects their overall health. If a patient is in a poor state of health and has had surgery in their old age, they are at a higher risk of anesthesia response and other complications. As a result, to qualify for plastic surgery, older individuals are required to get medical clearance from their primary healthcare practitioner.

One should keep in mind that having plastic surgery in the 60s or 70s will not give them the body of a 30-year-old. However, one can have the body of a 40-year-old by having plastic surgery in the 60s or 70s. The good news is that, due to the advancements in cosmetic surgery technology and techniques, patients of all ages can now have plastic surgery.

When considering plastic surgery, whether patients are young or old, they must be sure to communicate all aspects of their medical history with the plastic surgeon. Diabetes, heart disease, breathing problems, and blood disorders all increase their risks. If a patient has a significant medical condition, certain precautions must be taken to ensure their safety during surgery.

The Importance of the Ideal Age for Plastic Surgery

Aging is one of the main factors that alter the appearance of the human body. One can't stop aging from taking its toll on their bodies. When pregnancy and weight fluctuations combine with aging, the body's attractive features deteriorate significantly. Aging, pregnancy, genetic reasons, and weight changes are all causes of sagging abdomens, poorly formed breasts, a smaller or flatter buttock, and stubborn fat pockets in many areas of the body.

When a person's body loses the ability to look good, it can have an impact on their quality of life and cause them to lose confidence. One may want to explore plastic surgery to regain their youthful appearance. Plastic surgery is an excellent treatment that can help people regain their confidence. However, several aspects should be considered when considering plastic surgery. One of these considerations is the appropriate age to have a certain plastic surgery procedure.

Most plastic surgery treatments have a minimum age restriction, and one will get better and safer results if they meet the age limit’, adds Dr. Deepthi Devarakonda. When an individual satisfies the minimal age criteria and has certain cosmetic problems in their body that are negatively affecting their life, they are at the optimal age to undergo a specific plastic surgery procedure.


Patients must understand that there is an ideal age for each plastic surgery procedure; nevertheless, just because people reach that age does not mean they are no longer eligible for the procedure. The truth is that when a patient undertakes a procedure when it is required, they will get better aesthetic results and will be overjoyed with the results. 

However, this does not rule out the possibility of having surgery in the later stages of life. The results would still be pleasing, but one should keep their expectations moderate and age-appropriate.  

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