Vaginismus and Tight Pelvic Floor Muscles-How Does It Affect Women?

Vaginismus and Tight Pelvic Floor Muscles-How Does It Affect Women?

Date 04 Jan 2024  

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Vaginismus is the unintentional tightening of the pelvic floor muscles, which causes discomfort, burning, pain, penetration issues, or even the inability to have intercourse. This condition is also known as genito-pelvic pain disorder (GPPD), pelvic floor overactivity/hypertonicity, and pelvic floor myalgia, and is occasionally confused with vulvodynia.

Primary vaginismus shows that women have had vaginismus since their first try at intercourse, and they may have never been able to use tampons or perform a vaginal examination or pap smear at the doctor's office. Secondary vaginismus occurs when women were previously able to enjoy pain-free intercourse but then developed vaginismus at a later time, such as after an infection, childbirth, or surgery.

Vaginismus is a rare condition in that it can be caused by a combination of physical and non-physical factors, or it can appear to have no cause at all, shares a cosmetic gynaecologist in Hyderabad at Eternelle Aesthetics.

Here in this blog, she has also shared about this condition in females and also shared options for vaginismus treatment in Hyderabad at Eternelle Aesthetics that can help manage this issue effectively.

Symptoms of Vaginismus

There are different types of vaginismus, which cause symptoms to differ from one another. The following are the most common symptoms of painful intercourse caused by vaginismus:

  • Vaginal muscle contraction that is not voluntary.
  • Vaginal muscle soreness ranging from mild to severe
  • Pain during the first intercourse attempt
  • Muscle spasms.

What are Pelvic Floor Muscles?

The pelvic floor muscles (PFM) play a role in the proper functioning of a woman's reproductive system, urinary tract, bowels, and spinal stability. The muscles allow a woman to urinate, have intercourse, orgasm, complete bowel movements, give birth, and support the spine and pelvis.

How Does Vaginismus Affect Women?

The human body's muscles are all intended to tighten and relax. The muscles of the pelvic floor are no exception. When they are continually tightened or clenched, blood flow to this area becomes blocked, resulting in ischemia. As a result, metabolites accumulate and trigger chemical sensors, which send messages to the brain to take action. If this fails, the resulting tension and muscular spasms are equally as painful as those in any other muscle group.

This can have a detrimental effect on the quality of life, making it difficult to engage in sexual activity, insert or remove a tampon, or perform gynaecological procedures such as pap smears or routine vaginal exams. An overactive pelvic floor can also contribute to inadequate bladder or bowel emptying. People with this condition may also struggle to start a urine flow and commonly experience constipation.

Other symptoms include common pelvic pain, especially around the hips and lower back. Overactive pelvic floor muscles also make vaginal penetration and orgasms difficult, if not impossible, in severe cases.

This type of chronic pain can have a severe effect on a person's psychological well-being. When the menstrual cycle arrives and women know what they will have to endure every time they insert and remove the tampon, it becomes emotionally draining and concerns set in.

When a woman considers having sexual relations with her partner, she feels the same way. Unfortunately, this fear and nervousness exacerbate the sensations, making it impossible to relax the pelvic floor muscles. It's a never-ending cycle.

Treatment of Vaginismus in Hyderabad

The good news is that vaginismus is a treatable medical condition; nevertheless, treatment varies based on the reason and must be tailored to the patient's goals at Eternelle Aesthetics. It is critical to deal with feelings of pain, fear, and anxiety associated with penetrative intercourse, and treatment may need to focus on identifying, comprehending, and changing negative beliefs about physical appearance and penetrative intercourse.

Before beginning treatment, it is critical to rule out any other medical diseases that may be causing pain during vaginal penetration, such as infections, structural abnormalities, or inflammatory skin conditions.

The treatment aims to reduce tension in the pelvic floor muscles. Desensitisation and biofeedback devices can be used to retrain the pelvic floor muscles. Desensitisation treatments enable a woman to consciously control her pelvic floor muscles. Pelvic floor-down training exercises and vaginal dilators can help with this.

  • Medical Exam

The vaginismus treatment doctor in Hyderabad at Eternelle Aesthetics first goes for a medical examination. It is critical to rule out any medical conditions that may be interfering with pain-free intercourse, as well as any underlying physical reasons for vaginismus. It is also critical to correctly confirm the vaginismus issue.

  • Physical Therapy

Physical therapy may be beneficial for some women with vaginismus. This therapy for vaginismus comprises musculoskeletal, vulvar, and pelvic floor assessments, as well as manual treatment using various hands-on approaches to address musculoskeletal abnormalities, postural and skeletal asymmetries, and soft tissue immobility. The use of trigger point massage in the pelvic and transvaginal areas is a common method.

  • Psychosexual Treatment

It is a psychosexual treatment that focuses on changing people's perceptions and thinking about sex, how they feel performing it, and how they can do it better in terms of pleasure and fulfilment.

  • Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy

Physical therapy concentrates on exercise. The doctor at Eternelle Aesthetics, Vaginismus Clinic in Hyderabad will instruct women on how to relax their pelvic muscles. While overcoming anxiousness, squeezing and relaxing those muscles will boost their strength and potency to penetrate effortlessly.

  • Vaginal B-otox Injections

B-otox is a well-known anti-ageing injectable treatment that relaxes and paralyses the muscles to smooth out wrinkles and fine lines on the ageing face. It does the same thing here.

  • Topical Treatment

Topical treatment involves applying lotions to the vagina to alleviate the pain associated with vaginismus.


These treatments can help manage or treat vaginismus symptoms. The vaginismus treatment doctor in Hyderabad at Eternelle Aesthetics confirms the cause of vaginismus and provides the right solution to cure vaginismus.

The patient’s condition can be improved only when the patient is committed to their treatment.

This condition can be overcome with proper diagnosis, therapy, and aid provided by experts and there is no reason to live with vaginismus. Contact the best vaginismus doctor near me at Eternelle Aesthetics to get this ailment effectively treated!