The Struggle of Post-Pregnancy Body Image

The Struggle of Post-Pregnancy Body Image

Date 27 Sep 2023  

For most women, becoming a mother is a cause of great delight. However, motherhood is not always sunshine and rainbows, as most mothers have had the experience of not recognizing themselves in the mirror. 

Pregnancy and childbirth bring various changes in the female body in different ways. These changes to the body may affect body image as well as self-worth, mental health, energy levels, and self-confidence of a woman. 

It is difficult for a woman to have the same look as before pregnancy and childbirth. For some women, patience and waiting are needed for the body to return to its pre-pregnancy state. While for some, it is likely that pre-baby bodies and looks can’t be regained. Mommy makeover surgery can help overcome such struggles of women. Continue reading to learn about potential changes in the body after pregnancy that cosmetic surgeons in Hyderabad offer at Eternelle Aesthetics can help address. Also, learn how cosmetic surgeries help women achieve a pre-pregnancy body image. 

Body Changes After Pregnancy and How Cosmetic Surgery Can Help

1. Change in Breast Size and Shape

Following childbirth, estro-gen  and proge-sterone levels fall while prolactin levels- the hormone that signals the body to produce milk, rise in the female body. This increases blood flow to the breasts and improves milk production, resulting in breast engorgement. 

After pregnancy, the breasts may remain bigger, shrink, or return to their pre-pregnancy size. It is not uncommon for women to lose a cup size after giving birth. Some women have sagging breast skin as a result of breast weight gain during pregnancy. People who smoke can experience aging of their breast skin earlier than others.

Breast Augmentation in Hyderabad

The cosmetic surgery that can help improve the size and shape of the breasts is Breast Augmentation, also known as augmentation mammoplasty. In the procedure, the surgeon may either perform autologous fat transfer or place silicone breast implants. 

Breast augmentation may be helpful if a woman wants to:

  • Make petite breasts appear bigger and rounder
  • Balance out asymmetrical breasts
  • Restore the breast appearance following pregnancy
  • Increase self-esteem and confidence.
2. Abdominal Muscles

As a result of childbirth and the larger uterus (mother’s womb) carrying the fetus during pregnancy, the core abdominal muscles may become weak. Most women may have some degree of diastasis recti- a split in the abdominal muscles. 

The abdominal muscle split may close on its own after the first 8 weeks of childbirth, although it rarely happens. It can result in:

  • Tummy that still appears to be pregnant (fat belly)
  • Core muscles that are yet underdeveloped
  • Back pain caused by carrying heavy loads.

Many women have a softer, floppier belly after childbirth, and how it firms up in the months following childbirth depends on genetic composition, postnatal activities, and how much the skin and tissues are stretched during pregnancy.

Get It Corrected with Tummy Tuck in Hyderabad

A tummy tuck, also known as abdominoplasty, is a cosmetic surgery that can help alter the shape and appearance of the abdomen. It removes extra fat and skin while strengthening the abdominal muscles. It helps the abdomen appear flat and taut which improves the overall appearance and self-confidence of a woman.

The most significant benefit of a tummy tuck is a sculpted, toned, and flat tummy, free of drooping skin and extra fat. A Tummy tuck procedure for a mother seeking a pre-pregnancy tummy can:

  • Reduce the overall size of the tummy
  • Enhance self-esteem
  • Help women look more lovely and youthful in swimwear
  • Aid in the prevention of C-section scarring.

3. Vagina and Perineum

If a woman had a typical vaginal delivery, her vagina would most likely become slightly larger than before. Over the next few days, the vagina will begin to restore muscle tone and shrink gradually.

Pregnancy and childbirth can also slightly cause the labia’s skin to stretch. The labia form the outside of the female genitalia and are crucial for both sexual intercourse and vaginal protection. After childbirth, the labia’s tissues may shrink and become uniform in size without producing discomfort or suffering. However, sometimes the labia are too large or asymmetrical, which can cause discomfort and insecurity. Stretched labia can impair the ability to exercise, engage in sexual activity, and wear certain clothing.

Get It Corrected with Vaginoplasty in Hyderabad

Vaginoplasty is a surgical treatment used to repair and restore the shape and function of the vagina. It is a safe and effective treatment that involves surgical tightening of the vaginal canal by removal of extra skin and stitching of loose muscles back together.

Vaginoplasty is ideal for cases when pregnancy causes substantial changes in the shape, size, and flexibility of the vagina. The surgery can correct the reasons that are causing a considerably looser vagina and thus harming the quality of sexual life. It can help restore sexual function as well as genital aesthetics.

4. Stretch Marks Treatment in Hyderabad

Stretch marks are fluted streaks that commonly occur on the abdomen, breasts, hips, buttocks, and thighs and fade with time. They are commonly seen in pregnant women, particularly in the third trimester. Treatment can help stretch marks fade, but it cannot fully remove them.

Stretch marks are not unpleasant or damaging, but they can make people self-conscious about their appearance. If a woman is concerned about the appearance of her skin or if stretch marks cover a considerable area of her body, she should speak with a professional at Eternelle Aesthetics. 

A professional can assist a woman in determining the underlying cause of her stretch marks and know treatment alternatives.

Laser Treatment

Laser skin resurfacing is a sophisticated stretch mark removal treatment, well-known for removing stretch marks with precision. The type of laser used in this treatment is not harmful to the skin. The laser generates heat that damages the stretch marks and encourages fresh collagen and elastin synthesis. It evens out the skin and gets rid of stretch marks. 

The benefits of laser stretch mark removal:

  • It is a non-invasive procedure for skin rejuvenation
  • The overall healing process is quick
  • It provides natural and long-lasting outcomes
  • There is no downtime, side effects, allergies, or extensive surgery
  • The treated skin appears smoother and more appealing than before
  • The treatment does not take a long time
  • It is completely risk-free.

Experiencing any changes in your body after pregnancy and want to get them corrected? Get the help of a female cosmetic surgeon in Hyderabad at Eternelle Aesthetics.  She can help you with the surgical techniques and help you get back the look that you always desired!