Reshape and Refine Your Nose With Rhinoplasty

Reshape and Refine Your Nose With Rhinoplasty

Date 31 Jan 2024  

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Harmonise Your Nose With Rhinoplasty

Are you longing for a nose that perfectly harmonises with your facial features, enhancing your natural beauty? Look no further. The rhinoplasty procedure is designed to reshape and refine the nose, helping patients achieve the aesthetic goals they desire.

The goal of rhinoplasty, also known as nose surgery, is to improve, reshape, and refine the nose's appearance. Rhinoplasty is intended to enhance the nose's appearance. This surgery involves modifying the breadth, size, interior parts, form, or cartilage of the nose. Many women desire the ideal appearance for their noses. In addition to women, some males also get sex modifications and attempt to look more feminine by having their noses altered. A perfect nose should have a unique tip, a feminine curve on the bridge, which many claim is more feminine, and a beautiful projection that goes from the front to the back. It should also be proportionate to an individual’s face and, for the majority of individuals, have these features. 

You can also watch this video on rhinoplasty for reshaping and redefining the nose, by the best rhinoplasty surgeon in Hyderabad at Eternelle Aesthetics

Also in this blog, the nose job surgeon has shared everything about rhinoplasty surgery that can help one make an informed decision for this procedure.

What is Rhinoplasty?

Rhinoplasty surgery is a nose surgical procedure that improves nasal appearance while preserving or improving nasal breathing. This nose job surgery in Hyderabad can be used to reshape, recontour, and define the nose to remove a hump, refine the nasal tip, decrease the nostril width, or correct injuries, congenital deformities, or breathing issues.

Rhinoplasty is a completely flexible procedure that modifies the shape of the nose and breathing ability. The doctor will come up with a personalised plan based on the patient's needs and preferences. It can help with nasal asymmetry, humps, or depressions. The surgery can be used to raise or decrease the size of one's nose, as well as to address breathing concerns.

Rhinoplasty is regarded as one of the most challenging types of cosmetic surgery in Hyderabad, despite its popularity. It's a difficult task, and one minor error can drastically affect the appearance. That is why it is critical to choose a highly qualified plastic surgeon who specialises in rhinoplasty, shares cosmetic surgeon in Hyderabad at Eternelle Aesthetics.

Why Rhinoplasty?

The importance of balance and proportions are more important in rhinoplasty procedures than in any other area of aesthetic surgery because no single feature influences how you look as much as your nose. This surgery of the nose can improve appearance and help people breathe more easily.

Rhinoplasty is perhaps more popular than anyone knows. In fact, it is one of the most popular cosmetic treatments, and it can completely transform the appearance of the face in just a few hours.

Ideal Candidates for Rhinoplasty

The ideal candidates for rhinoplasty are individuals who want to improve their appearance rather than perfect it. If an individual is considering rhinoplasty surgery, they must be:

  • At least 16 years old.
  • Have completed facial growth
  • Are generally healthy. 
  • Not smoking
  • Wanting the treatment for personal reasons
  • Having realistic expectations.

Rhinoplasty Procedure

Rhinoplasty surgery is carried out under general anaesthesia with the help of a qualified anesthesiologist at Eternelle Aesthetics, a nose surgery clinic in Hyderabad. Patients can expect the procedure to last three to four hours, and they can usually go home the same day.

There are two ways to do rhinoplasty surgery:

  • Closed rhinoplasty: As this procedure enables reshaping the nose without leaving a noticeable scar across the columella, doctors typically prefer closed rhinoplasty. The dorsal hump and tip are reshaped through incisions made inside the nose. Using the closed rhinoplasty procedure, Eternelle Aesthetics, rhinoplasty surgeon in Hyderabad reshape the tip and dorsum and perform functional nasal airway surgery while working under close supervision. Furthermore, because the skin of the nose is not lifted, the effects of a closed rhinoplasty are more precise and constant. Compared to open rhinoplasty, healing is simpler with closed rhinoplasty.
  • Open rhinoplasty: Open rhinoplasty involves making a cut across the columella and lifting the skin on the nose. The healing of the columella scar is not always calculable. The columella scar frequently causes a visible notch and thickening of the skin in front of the scar, especially in candidates with thicker skin. After an open rhinoplasty, revision surgery is frequently more challenging than after a closed rhinoplasty.

Benefits of Undergoing Rhinoplasty Surgery

Some of the many benefits of rhinoplasty surgery are:

  • Complement the nose size with other facial features.
  • Modify the breadth of the nose at the bridge (bony).
  • Improve the nasal profile (side view).
  • Minimise dorsal humps or bony abnormalities.
  • Shape a nasal tip that is too big, boxy, droopy, or upturned.
  • Adjust the angle between the nose and the lips.
  • Correct any imbalance or deviation.
  • Repair a deviated septum.
  • Narrowing and reshaping the nostrils
  • Improve respiratory issues.


In a nose job or rhinoplasty surgery, the surgeon makes a few tiny incisions inside the nose to gain access to the bones and cartilage. Depending on how the candidate wants his or her nose to look, the tissues and cartilage are either added or removed. Numerous corrections, such as those to the nostrils, nasal tip, and asymmetry of the nose, as well as its size, width, and profile, can be made by nose jobs. By improving the candidate's appearance, rhinoplasty surgery might help them feel more youthful and confident.

Everybody has a unique nose, so the rhinoplasty treatment must be customised. The nose job doctor in Hyderabad at Eternelle Aesthetics assesses the nose and facial features during the consultation. The treatment can also be used to treat congenital structural problems that cause impaired breathing. The goals of rhinoplasty are to maintain or enhance the nasal airways while creating a nose that looks natural and is more in proportion to the rest of the face. Improved function, not imitation, is the aim of rhinoplasty. A better version of the nose is produced with rhinoplasty. Medical conditions, including sinusitis and respiratory issues, can both be treated with rhinoplasty. You can discuss more about them by consulting the expert face cosmetic surgeon at Eternelle Aesthetics.