Liposuction to Contour Your Jawline and Neck

Liposuction to Contour Your Jawline and Neck

Date 18 Sep 2023  

Most people aim to have a beautiful face to get their best appearance, whether through makeup or cosmetic surgery. After all, the selfie age is very attentive to their looks. Not only do women feel the need to highlight their looks, but men also claim their presence at the aesthetic table.

Some women have particularly active jaw muscles that cause a square appearance. It can easily lead to a desire for a smaller, softer, and more feminine facial structure. On the other hand, some men may believe their faces are too feminine, leading them to desire a more chiselled and masculine appearance.

Liposuction for Neck and Jawline

Facial liposuction in Hyderabad at Eternelle Aesthetics can help with this, also known as facial contouring. It is a collection of numerous cosmetic procedures, both surgical and non-surgical, that delicately change the shape of the face, allowing anyone to improve their facial structure to breathe a sigh of relief. This procedure also helps to reverse the skin issues such as wrinkles, hollowness, and fine lines.

Facial liposuction is a surgical technique to remove unwanted fatty deposits and fat bulges, often along the neckline and chin, leaving the area sculpted. Read on to learn how facial liposuction can help in neck contouring in Hyderabad.

Facial Liposuction to Contour the Neck

For people seeking lower face rejuvenation, jawline contouring in Hyderabad is the gold standard of surgery. The doctor can use the treatment to remove fine lines and wrinkles while tightening loose skin. To some extent, a neck lift can also thin fat pads. If a person is concerned with excess skin below the chin or a 'turkey waddle,' a neck lift could be the solution.

Liposuction is an advanced fat-removal procedure. The doctor creates small incisions in specific spots and suction fat through thin cannula tubes to get perfect contours for the patient. Liposuction cannot remove sagging or loose skin (for that neck lift is recommended). Neck liposuction can help if the primary issue is a double chin and the individual wants to improve the facial contours from every perspective.

Facial liposuction is used to contour the neck by removing extra fat from the cervical chin angle both superficially and deeply. This facial cosmetic surgery involves fat removal beneath the chin to reestablish the chin-cervical angle and volume balance.

Liposuction is performed in an operating room under general anaesthesia. The treatment takes approximately 30 minutes. Microcannulas are inserted through very thin incisions in the natural creases of the neck to conduct double chin surgery. The microcannulas are linked to a suction system, which allows fat to be sucked out of the neck using back-and-forth movements. Absorbable threads are used to close the incisions.

Facial Liposuction to Contour the Jawline

Both men and women can benefit from jawline contouring in Hyderabad with facial liposuction. Jawline contouring with facial liposuction is a fat removal surgery performed on the neck and below the jawline. Removing the superficial fat can help sharpen the jawline, reduce a double chin, and create the illusion of weight loss.

There are some restrictions on the amount of fat removal. The essential criterion for an ideal candidate is the ability to maintain a constant weight following the procedure. Patients who have significantly loose skin (due to age), serious medical disorders (bleeding tendencies, high blood pressure, etc.), and finally, those with poor anatomy, are not suggested for the surgery.

The goal of chin liposuction is to remove the subcutaneous fat beneath the neckline. Because the fat is removed directly, the neck and jaw areas should be permanently less bulky. Furthermore, liposuction using the microcannula technique allows for faster healing and reduced scars. The surgeon will normally make two small, well-hidden incisions beneath the ears to allow the liposuction cannula to enter. These incisions are so small that they are closed with only one stitch. General anaesthesia is used to complete this procedure.

Benefits of Chin and Jawline Liposuction Surgery

A more youthful appearance: One of the most prevalent reasons people opt for liposuction surgery is to look and feel refreshed and toned. The skin loses suppleness as people age, and fat deposits can become more noticeable, particularly around the chin and jawline.

A more defined jawline: Another advantage of liposuction surgery is that it can help people achieve a more defined jawline. Men like the chiselled jawline associated with masculinity, while women prefer smoother, more refined face shapes. Liposuction surgery can remove extra fat from the jawline and enhance the appearance of a weak chin.

A slenderer appearance: Liposuction surgery might help people achieve a slenderer appearance if they are unhappy with their overall appearance. An individual can be surprised at how much thinner they look simply by treating their chin and jawline.

An improvement in self-confidence: A boost in self-confidence is one of the most prevalent effects of any form of cosmetic surgery. People feel better when they get perfect looks. Liposuction surgery can make people look better and give them amazing results.

Pain After Facial Liposuction

This procedure is not extremely painful as general anaesthesia is used. Each person experiences different levels of pain. Recovery is associated with some discomfort, but it is usually well tolerated. For most individuals undergoing facial liposuction, the level of discomfort is comparable to having a large bruise in the treated area. The pain should not stop anyone from concentrating on other things.

Recovery after Facial Liposuction

Facial liposuction recovery time ranges between seven and ten days. A compression garment or elastic bandages are usually used to help minimise swelling.

There are some risks associated with all surgeries and procedures. Apart from general concerns such as infection, haemorrhage, and anaesthesia risks, the risks of facial liposuction can include nerve injury, loss of sensation, and scarring. A hematoma, which is a collection of blood pooling beneath the skin that may clot, or a seroma, which is a collection of fluid under the skin, are potentially possible complications.

For more details on face and neck liposuction in Hyderabad consult the cosmetic surgeons at Eternelle Aesthetics.