How Can I Get An Hourglass Figure?

How Can I Get An Hourglass Figure?

Date 29 Jan 2024  

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Hourglass Figure

The hourglass figure has long been considered to be the ideal figure among women. Unfortunately, not all women are born with the perfect body. Women who do not have the typical hourglass figure can go for body transforming plastic surgery in Hyderabad at Eternelle Aesthetics to attain the figure they desire. In an hourglass figure, the hips and midsection are of equal size, the waistline is slim, and the muscle-to-fat ratio is perfect and uniformly distributed over the upper and lower body.

Exercise is the most effective way to achieve an hourglass figure. Certain strength training methods can help people define their shoulders, tighten their core, and improve the appearance of their backside to achieve the desirable hourglass shape. In the short term, one can tailor the outfit to highlight their curves. Garments with a tight waist, such as high-waist jeans, can highlight the figure. For long-term benefits, eat healthy and get exercise with some of these body-sculpting exercises that are simple to do at home.

Hourglass Surgery in Hyderabad May Include

  • Sucking out excess fat
  • Breast implant
  • Sculpting the waistline
  • Contouring the hips
  • Shaping the whole abdominal wall
  • Well-toned arms and thighs
  • Arm lift
  • Liposuction.

All these are the most frequently performed procedures in hourglass surgery. The procedure removes bulk from the hips, abdominal wall, and other unwanted areas and simply sets the curves right.

The hourglass procedure is a combination of art and science; thus, it is critical to select the right plastic cosmetic surgeon in Hyderabad, India for this important surgery. The plastic surgeon should have an exceptional sense of aesthetics.

If an individual wants to know which procedures are included in body contouring surgery in Hyderabad, watch this video for more detailed insights

Ideal Candidate for Hourglass Surgery

An individual is a good candidate for hourglass surgery when:

  • Hours of exercise and gym workouts have resulted in no effective weight loss benefits.
  • An individual has no previous medical problems.
  • An individual has a good perspective on the procedure.
  • Patients should be in good overall and emotional health.
  • People who understand the long-term risks and responsibilities of the procedure are ideal candidates for hourglass surgery.

How to Achieve an Hourglass Figure?

Several plastic surgery procedures might help people achieve the ideal hourglass figure. The approaches used are as follows:

  • Liposuction: Liposuction is one of the most popular plastic surgery procedures in the market today. This procedure can be used to remove extra and stubborn fat from numerous areas of the body, including the hips, abdomen, thighs, and waist. Liposuction is the ideal plastic surgery method for women seeking to achieve the desired hourglass figure. Liposuction breaks down and removes extra fat from the aforementioned parts of the body, resulting in a slimmer and more elegantly shaped waist, which is a key component of hourglass surgery.
  • Tummy tuck: Surgically known as abdominoplasty, this cosmetic procedure removes extra skin, fat, and stretch marks from the abdomen while tightening the abdominal muscles. A tummy tuck treatment results in a flat and smooth stomach, gives the waist the desired figure, and provides a flawless hourglass figure.
  • Breast augmentation: It is often known as boob jobs or breast enlargement, is a treatment in which implants are inserted into the breasts to give them a fuller and rounder shape. Breast augmentation helps the waist appear smaller, resulting in a beautiful hourglass shape.
  • Breast lift: Medically termed mastopexy, this surgical procedure reshapes the breasts to alter their appearance. It also makes the breasts appear firmer. This is an excellent alternative to breast augmentation because it also results in enlarged breasts without the need for implants. Rather than enhancing the size of the breasts with implants, the surgery involves removing extra skin and relocating the nipple and areola higher up the chest. This surgery is ideal for women who want to achieve an hourglass figure since it provides optimal breast enlargement.
  • Fat transfer: Also known as lip modelling or fat transfer, this is a short surgical procedure that moves fat from one place of the body to another so it forms a perfect hourglass shape. This treatment aims to remove fat from areas with excess fat, such as the stomach, and transfer it to areas with less fat, such as the breasts.
  • Buttock augmentation: Also known as gluteal augmentation, this type of surgery is performed to enhance the contour and size of the buttocks. The procedure can be performed using either buttock implants or fat grafting. To accomplish the required results, a combination of two processes may be used. Buttocks are the key component of an hourglass body because they make the waist appear smaller, resulting in a flawless hourglass shape. A flat or small back may be the biggest barrier to getting an hourglass figure, which is why butt augmentation is the ideal option to achieve a fuller back and add the correct shape to the back.
  • Brazilian butt lift: This cosmetic treatment, also known as BBL, includes fat transfer and can help patients achieve a fuller back. The Brazilian butt lift offers two significant advantages to patients seeking an hourglass body. First, excess fat is removed from the body in areas such as the waist or abdomen, giving them a smoother appearance. Second, it offers the buttocks a natural appearance, which is difficult to achieve with buttock implants.

One can learn more about Hourglass Surgery & Hourglass Figure Surgery cost in Hyderabad with the female cosmetic and plastic surgeon at Eternelle Aesthetics. They can help one define which procedure is best for them and also the overall cost of the procedure.

Post-Operative Care

  • Wear compression garments: Following an hourglass surgery, patients must wear compression garments. These clothes have to be worn to maintain the contoured body, reduce swelling, and prevent infections.
  • No smoking: Because smoking is extremely detrimental to one's health, it is especially risky for individuals who have had hourglass surgery. The cigarette contains nicotine, tar, and carbon monoxide, which impede the healing process.
  • Avoid vigorous activities: Physical activity following plastic surgery might result in poor wound healing, bleeding, infections, implant displacement, and scarring. Following an hourglass procedure, it is recommended that patients rest completely and avoid strenuous activity.

For more details on Body Shaping Liposuction in Hyderabad and to achieve an hourglass figure do visit Eternelle Aesthetics and get in touch with the experts.