Gearing Up for a Mommy Makeover? Experts Insights

Gearing Up for a Mommy Makeover? Experts Insights

Date 20 Apr 2024  

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What Is Needed In Mommy Makeover Surgery?

Many women opt for mommy makeover surgery but are not very aware of what is required for the surgery. Consulting a plastic surgeon and cosmetic cum functional gynaecologist can help women gather much-needed information about mommy makeovers.

If you are planning for a mommy makeover surgery in Hyderabad, and have more doubts about what is needed in Mommy Makeover Surgery, then this blog is for you. It is drafted by taking insights from plastic and cosmetic surgeon and cosmetic gynaecologist at Eternelle Aesthetics.

Read ahead to make an informed decision!

Physical, Mental, And Emotional Status of Woman

What is the physical, mental, and emotional status of a woman who opts for a mommy makeover surgery?

Most women who are seeking mommy makeover surgery find consultation with a cosmetic gynaecologist a big decision. For them, making an appointment with a cosmetic gynaecologist to talk about having a mommy makeover and being mentally prepared for it is a great achievement.

At Eternelle Aesthetics clinic, our expert's job is to calm down our clients and make them comfortable to speak about their complaints and desires. Most clients take time to open up and discuss their concerns, needs, and expectations. Our cosmetic gynaecologist and plastic surgeon in Hyderabad spend precious time with our clients and provoke into their medical history to comfort them and help them open up.

After knowing our client's medical history, needs, and desires, our mommy makeover surgeon creates a customised treatment plan. When our clients undergo mommy makeover surgery, they get a boost in their confidence level and their lifestyle changes. With renewed confidence and physical and mental relief, they work better to stand at a better place in their society and even raise their children well.

Procedures Included in Mommy Makeover

What surgeries are dealt with in a mommy makeover?

A mommy makeover is all about getting a woman back to her pre-pregnancy body shape. There are varieties of minor and major surgeries that can be performed during a mommy makeover appointment. All of them are daycare procedures after which women can go back home.

Childbearing brings in many changes in bodily appearance. The changes that are seen in different body parts include breast changes, abdominal wall changes, generalised skin laxity around the waist, and sagging buttocks.

Let’s understand the post-pregnancy changes one by one and know the surgeries that can help address them.

  • Breast changes: Primary changes that are often first noticeable are sagging breasts due to loss of breast volume following pregnancy and lactation. Saggy breasts lead to the aching of the upper back because of the stress laid on the vertebral column.They even impact body aesthetics.To put the weight of the breasts back into position, women get breast lift/mastopexy done. Furthermore, most women tend to ask for a cleavage definition which gets lost following pregnancy.In such cases, a simple fat transfer in the upper poles of the breasts helps women achieve better cleavage.
  • Changes in abdomen: Women may have a lax or loose abdomen after their child's delivery. Most women are not aware that they can help address such concerns with a tummy tuck surgery. A tummy tuck, also known as abdominoplasty can help women achieve a flatter and tighter abdomen.It is recommended for women after they have completed their childbearing because working on their abs continuously and weight loss won’t help or give results.
  • Changes in buttock appearance: Women are recommended for buttock augmentation with simple fat transfer to help them achieve lifted buttocks and have an hourglass figure.
  • Vaginal laxity: Women who have vaginal laxity and are experiencing vaginal farts or are unsatisfied with their sex life can go for non-surgical or surgical vaginal tightening. Non-surgical approach to treating vaginal laxity is the use of lasers while the surgical approach is called vaginoplasty. During vaginoplasty, the vaginal mucosa and muscles are all tightened and the vaginal canal is narrowed. This is done to restore the vagina to its pre-pregnancy shape and functioning. Three to four weeks of downtime is generally needed following vaginoplasty.

One can also watch this video on mommy makeover surgery in Hyderabad where our expert doctors talk about this surgery in detail-

Gynaecological Concerns Faced by Women after Childbirth

What are the gynaecological concerns faced by women after childbirth?

Many women face issues like urinary leakage post-delivery due to their hormonal changes, the weight of their babies, and delivery stress on their bladder. A cosmetic or functional gynaecologist can help them by first assessing their condition and accordingly recommending them with surgical and non-surgical treatment options.

Maintaining Results is a Must

What does a woman need to do after mommy makeover surgery to achieve optimal desired results?

After a mommy makeover, women need to do proper workouts daily and from time to time get themselves checked. Follow-up visits are necessary to check on the progress of recovery after a mommy makeover. Moreover, women must have a healthy diet, drink enough water, sleep well, avoid bad habits, and maintain a good lifestyle. This way they can keep up their health and physical status post-surgery. If they have any further concerns, women must see a cosmetic gynaecologist soon.

Mommy Makeover Results

Does mommy makeover give permanent results?

Women can enjoy the results of a mommy makeover in Hyderabad for a lifetime probably when they are committed to maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

The results are probably not long-standing if the operated women do not take proper rest, do not take care of their body weight, or are not physically active.

Consult an Expert

Undergoing a mommy makeover surgery can be a tough decision for many females. But the results are worth it. You can get in touch with a mommy makeover surgeon in Hyderabad at Eternal Belle Aesthetics to make an informed choice. They can help you with the decision and guide you through the path of transformation.

Book your visit with the experts at Eternelle Aesthetics for more details.