G-Shot Vs. O-Shot -Explained By A Gynaecologist

G-Shot Vs. O-Shot -Explained By A Gynaecologist

Date 20 Jan 2024  

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Vaginal Rejuvenation 

In the current world demand for treatments for women’s health is increasing. These treatments are designed to improve sexual experiences in women and boost women’s self-confidence in and out of the house. There are two well-known non-surgical options used for vaginal rejuvenation treatment that are: G-Shot and O-Shot. Both of the options are effective but different. 

After knowing the difference between G-Shot and O-Shot, people can easily select the appropriate procedure for vaginal rejuvenation in Hyderabad with the expert insights shared by cosmetic gynaecologists at Eternelle Aesthetics.

The difference between G-shot and O-shot procedures and what a person’s expectation could be during each procedure are as follows: 

The G-Shot and O-Shot are medical procedures designed to enhance sexual satisfaction and treat certain sexual health concerns, but they target different areas and have distinct purposes.

What is O-Shot Procedure?

O-Shot or “Orgasm” shot procedure uses Pla-telet Rich Plas-ma (P-R-P) taken from the patient’s blood and is then injected inside the vagina. These P-R-P encourage st-em cells to increase blood circulation and stimulate healthy vaginal tissue regeneration. It ultimately improves sexual satisfaction. To get optimal results this treatment is repeated yearly. 

What to expect during the O-Shot procedure?

The O-Shot in Hyderabad performed at Eternelle Aesthetics is simple and safe. The treatment begins by removing the patient’s blood which is then centrifuged and produces PRP. 

P-R-P is successfully extracted and then injected into the upper vagina and clitoris. It is also beneficial for treating mild stress urinary incontinence. The expert gynaecologist in Hyderabad at Eternelle Aesthetics evaluates the medical history to know the ideal candidate for the O-Shot procedure and determine the exact injection sites to give the best results.

In this procedure, patients typically feel no pain as the injection site gets completely numbed. This process is virtually painless however some patients may experience mild pain or sensation. This procedure takes 30 minutes to finish. 

O-Shot Results

The O-Shot procedure gives results that vary from person to person. The outcome may be influenced by a variety of factors such as age, hormones and other medical conditions. Following are some of the most beneficial results of the O-Shot in Hyderabad:

  • More natural lubrication 
  • Increased sensation
  • Increased arousal
  • Increased ability to have a vaginal orgasm
  • Improved urinary incontinence
  • Youthful vulva appearance.

The final results will be achieved in three months after treatment. The patient may start to experience sensation changes in the next 3-7 days and regeneration of the tissue after one week of the treatment. 

What is the G-Shot Procedure?

G-Shot is the short term for the Grafenberg spot that involves the injection of hyaluronic acid, a filler substance into the G-spot of a woman. This procedure aims to increase vaginal orgasm in women who have experienced it earlier. 

The G-spot is a sensitive area of the anterior vaginal wall in women which may be stimulated during sexual intercourse. This particular treatment is chosen by women who face difficulty achieving orgasm as hyaluronic acid filler is capable of increasing sensitivity to the G-spot area. However, this procedure is not appropriate for treating sexually dysfunctional problems or a low sex drive. This procedure is designed to increase stimulation to achieve orgasm easily. 

What to expect during the G-Shot procedure?

In this procedure, with their feet in stirrups, the person will lie on their back. In the next step, the G-spot site is selected by the doctor and local anaesthesia will be directly injected into the vaginal wall before the hyaluronic acid. The most commonly used substances used for G-spot are Juvederm, Restylane and Perlane. Patients may be advised to avoid sexual and physical activity for about 4 hours after the procedure. 

G-Shot Results

The results of the G-Shot in Hyderabad may vary from person to person. It increases sexual sensations that last up to 3 to 4 months after the procedure. The patient should be aware that G-Shot does not cure sexual dysfunction or sex drive. 

Similarity between G-Shot and O-Shot Procedures

Both procedures are minimally invasive and vaginal rejuvenation treatments which are designed to increase sexual response. You can also learn more about these treatments in this video by our expert- https://www.instagram.com/p/Cxac1MSqJjL/.

The aim of both the procedures O-Shot and G-Shot treatment in Hyderabad is to improve the sensation and orgasm during sexual activity. In the O-Shot procedure, injection is used in the upper vagina and clitoris while in the G-Shot procedure injection of hyaluronic acid is injected into the G-Shot site in the vagina. It is the only common thing in both procedures. 

Which one is an appropriate procedure: G-Shot or O-Shot?

G-Shot and O-Shot both have their advantages. G-Shot enhances the sexual sensation internally and is injected into the vagina and clitoris. Women who find lubrication or stimulation difficult may choose the O-Shot, while those who face problems with penetrative orgasm may choose the G-Shot. 

Both procedures improve sexual health in females, however, both are different in their treatment process and effectiveness. Both procedures also vary in terms of the body area that is stimulated. There are various factors to determine the appropriate procedure. For more details, consult the sexual health doctor in Hyderabad at Eternelle Aesthetics.

How often does a person need to get the Shot?

The O-Shot usually lasts up to one year however it can be repeated in only 8 weeks and for as many times as the patient wants it. The G-Shot should be repeated when the fillers get empty over time. 

It is important to know that the safety, effectiveness, and suitability of these procedures may vary for individuals. Additionally, no gynaecologists may recommend or provide these procedures. Before considering any such procedure, it is essential to get a consultation with a gynaecologist who is good enough to provide personalised advice based on the medical history and needs of the person.

Both G-Shot and O-Shot have their advantages and various factors determine which treatments are best for you.

Women's sexual health is very much important and if one is curious about the treatments that can help enhance their sexual experience, they can reach the best gynaecologist in Hyderabad at Eternelle Aesthetics.