Detailed Guide to Vaginoplasty Surgery: Procedure and Aftercare

Detailed Guide to Vaginoplasty Surgery: Procedure and Aftercare

Date 21 Aug 2023  

Vaginoplasty or vaginal tightening surgery aims to repair the pelvic floor or loose vaginal area after being stretched due to childbirth. Women choose vaginal tightening surgery in Hyderabad for various reasons, including the natural ageing process, which causes vaginal laxity, and childbirth. 

Sometimes, these factors can play a role in developing vaginal laxity. Vaginal tightening surgery is quite efficient at tightening the vaginal muscles, which can help with stress incontinence problems and treat pelvic organ prolapse, which is frequently associated with stress incontinence. Following vaginal tightening surgery, many women report that their sexual satisfaction has significantly improved, and several concerns caused due to ageing and childbirth are also resolved. Even in many cases, many women worry about healing after the surgery, so in this blog on vaginal tightening surgery in Hyderabad, the plastic surgeon at Eternelle Aesthetics has shared some insights into vaginal tightening surgery and healing after the procedure. 

Why is Vaginoplasty Performed?

The vaginal muscles of women after childbirth tend to grow after delivery, resulting in a bigger vaginal opening and canal and weaker muscles. The ageing process can also cause weak and sagging vaginal muscles. It can be awkward and even embarrassing. Weak vaginal muscles can sometimes cause sexual issues or dissatisfaction in both the partners. While there are particular workouts for strengthening the vaginal muscles, they may not consistently achieve the intended benefits. The reasons for considering vaginoplasty are personal and private. 

Patients opt for vaginoplasty for a variety of reasons, including:

1. Vaginal Tightening After Childbirth

Many women feel vaginal laxity after having a child and want surgery to improve sexual performance and have more confidence in bed.

2. Constricting a Broad Vaginal Canal

The vagina often becomes looser as women age. As a result, sexual pleasure may decrease, and a woman may like to go in for vaginal tightening to reclaim the sexual pleasure she previously shared with a tighter vagina. Some women use Kegels to tighten their vaginal muscles.

3. Improving Sexual Self-Confidence

Women who lack sexual confidence may find that tightening the vaginal wall improves not only their sexual experience but also their confidence in bed.

4. When Kegel Exercises Do Not Work

Kegel exercises can help some women, but the vaginal canal is generally too large for new mothers to return to its original tightness with activities alone. Vaginoplasty may be an option for these women.

Women who choose to get  vaginoplasty, experience the following symptoms frequently:

  • Sensation and stimulation are reduced during intercourse
  • A vaginal opening that appears uncomfortable
  • Tampons are leaking
  • During intercourse, the partner sneaks out.

Vaginoplasty Procedure

Vaginoplasty is performed to improve the anatomy and function of the vagina. It is often accomplished by mending injured musculature, strengthening vaginal tissue, excising excess skin, tightening lax tissue, and minimising the vaginal aperture. This treatment is usually conducted under local anaesthesia for the patient's comfort.

As a result of muscle separation after childbirth, many women experience vaginal laxity and stretching. It can result in various problems, including sexual dysfunction and a lack of self-confidence. Also, vaginal laxity can lead to incontinence, negatively reducing the quality of life. When doing a vaginoplasty to treat vaginal looseness, the surgeon can reconnect disconnected muscles, tightening the vaginal wall. Unwanted skin can also be removed on request to improve the appearance.

The nature of the procedure determines the recovery and aftercare for a vaginoplasty. Before being discharged from the hospital, patients are usually given detailed aftercare instructions for post-vaginoplasty recovery. Nonetheless, it is beneficial for patients to have an overall understanding of the expected healing time. Although recovery from vaginoplasty surgery is believed to be quite simple, avoiding several activities during recovery is critical to ensure that healing proceeds smoothly.

Recovery After Vaginoplasty

The recovery time after a vaginoplasty differs from patient to patient, but generally, one should expect to fully recover after six to eight weeks of surgery. Considering this, most patients can return to regular routines within a few days of treatment.

Patients frequently report various symptoms in the days and weeks following surgery. Swelling, pain, bruising, and soreness in the treated area are all possible side effects. Discharge and minor bleeding are common post-operative symptoms and are regarded as typical in the early aftermath of the surgery.

However, if a woman notices excessive or unusual bleeding, she should promptly seek advice from a medical expert. The same is true for any acute pain or swelling that does not appear to improve with time but worsens. These may signal difficulties in the healing process and should be treated immediately to ensure a safe and effective recovery from vaginoplasty in Hyderabad.

What Should I Avoid Doing in the Days Following Vaginal Tightening Surgery?

For optimal healing, it is essential to remain active following the treatment and to stay hydrated. Nevertheless, getting enough rest to recover correctly following vaginal tightness is critical. Vaginal tightening surgery frequently includes intricate muscle healing, and patients who can sleep for the required period will discover that the risk of getting wound complications is significantly reduced. Patients should sleep on their backs for the first month following vaginoplasty to avoid friction at the surgery site.

Many common side effects are expected after vaginal tightening surgery, including moderate bruising, edema, and discomfort. After the first week, the symptoms should begin to fade, with full recovery by the end of week two. If there is mild to moderate discomfort after vaginal surgery, taking the pain relievers given to patients after the procedure is essential. Maintaining good mobility is critical for lowering the risk of venous thromboembolism.

Localised swelling in the vaginal area can be efficiently reduced by applying cold packs for short periods. Avoid using cold packs directly to the skin to avoid skin necrosis. Doctors always suggest wearing loose-fitting cotton clothes to reduce inflammation or friction against the surgery site.

Washing after vaginoplasty can begin two days after surgery, but avoid rubbing the area to minimise potential wind collapse. One should also avoid using soaps or other topical agents, as these may increase the possibility of getting fungal infection. Baths, saunas, steam rooms, and Jacuzzis should be avoided during the first four weeks after surgery.

Vaginoplasty recovery is said to be extremely simple as long as patients follow the surgeon's post-operative instructions completely.

All stitches used during vaginoplasty surgery are absorbable, so patients will not need to return for removal at the post-operative consultation. One must visit the vaginoplasty surgeon in Hyderabad for post-operative appointment and also for a comprehensive wound check and further post-operative instructions.

What to Expect After a Vaginoplasty?

A woman's vaginal area can change significantly after childbirth, weight loss, and ageing. Vaginoplasty may be fascinating to women who want to improve the function, health, and aesthetics of their vaginas.

The purpose of vaginal tightening procedures is to reverse these physiological changes in the vaginal canal, vaginal wall, perineum, and pelvic floor and to enhance or rectify the physical appearance of an aberrant, deformed, or wounded vaginal area.

Vaginoplasty addresses problems such as loose muscles or unsightly extra skin hanging from the labial areas. Tighter vaginal muscles can improve sexual pleasure, maintain moisture, lessen incontinence and bladder control concerns, and improve vaginal attractiveness. These advantages can significantly enhance a woman's physical, emotional, and sexual wellness.

Vaginoplasty surgery in Hyderabad performed by experts at Eternelle Aesthetics can increase a woman's self-esteem resulting in a tighter, younger-looking, and more attractive vaginal area. A more beautiful and tighter vagina can also improve sexual interactions between the woman and her partner. In general, vaginoplasty can provide significant benefits for many women and a relatively short and straightforward recovery time if performed by an expert and experienced surgeon.