Choosing the Right Surgeon for Vaginoplasty: Tips and Considerations

Choosing the Right Surgeon for Vaginoplasty: Tips and Considerations

Date 08 May 2024  

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Selecting a Surgeon for Vaginoplasty
What is a Vaginoplasty
Who can perform Vaginoplasty
Key factors to consider when choosing the Right Surgeon for Vaginoplasty
Few Tips to Get Started on the Search for Right Surgeon for Vaginoplasty
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Taking charge of your own health and well-being is very important, especially when seeking any medical procedure or surgery. When it comes to undergo any surgery or medical procedure like vaginoplasty in Hyderabad. It is critically important to select the right surgeon to ensure safe, effective, and reliable treatment, shares cosmetic gynaecologist at Eternelle Aesthetics.

Selecting a Surgeon for Vaginoplasty

The process of choosing the surgeon for vaginoplasty does not entirely mean making a choice. It is about researching the procedure and finding geographically accessible surgeons who have the expertise and a strong track record of performing vaginoplasty so that you have the knowledge and understanding of every single detail of vaginoplasty.

When looking for the right surgeon for Vaginoplasty in Hyderabad, it is crucial to wisely invest time in the selection process. Besides looking at the technical expertise and experience of the surgeon in performing vaginoplasties, it is essential to even look at the surgeon’s nature, dedication, and commitment, and whether prioritises the safety, comfort, and health of the patient.

If you or your loved one is considering vaginoplasty and is at this very moment searching for the right surgeon, read this article that guides you in the selection process. Before diving into the topic, let’s first have a briefing about vaginoplasty.

What is a Vaginoplasty?

Vaginoplasty is a transformative surgery that aims to treat vaginal laxity or a condition called vaginal relaxation syndrome where there is weakening or loosening of the vaginal muscles.

The contributors or exacerbating factors of vaginal laxity include ageing, hormonal fluctuations, significant weight loss, childbirth, and side effects of certain medications. If vaginal laxity or loosening of vaginal muscles is left untreated, it can lead to complications, impacting various aspects of the patient’s life. For instance, the patient may suffer from stress urinary incontinence.

Vaginoplasty or vaginoplasty in Hyderabad offers a ray of hope to surgically resolve vaginal laxity and associated challenges. It involves tightening and reconstructing the vaginal muscles and narrowing the vaginal canal, restoring the vagina’s structural integrity and significantly improving its functioning. Furthermore, it has the potential to improve the personal and intimate aspects of the life of the patient. It encourages sexual gratification which further improves the relationship between the patient and her partner.

Who can perform Vaginoplasty?

Both plastic surgeons and cosmetic gynaecologists are certified to construct or repair vaginas. However, it is advised to consult a cosmetic gynaecologist in Hyderabad who has a licence, specialisation, and experience in performing vaginoplasties, when considering vaginoplasty. Cosmetic gynaecologist surgeons are very compassionate, empathise with their patients, and can be trusted to achieve desired results.

Key factors to consider when choosing the Right Surgeon for Vaginoplasty

Making careful considerations and proper preparations are the utmost requirements when embarking on the journey of getting vaginoplasty done. Before selecting the right surgeon for vaginoplasty, the patient needs to well understand what the procedure entails, its potential side effects and risks, its benefits, its recovery process, and what expectations to keep.

When it’s the step of choosing the right surgeon to perform vaginoplasty, the patient needs to consider these pivotal factors so that the best possible surgical outcome is achievable.

  • Education/Credentials- The vaginoplasty surgeon in Hyderabad must have the requisite medical education and specialised training in vaginoplasty and hold certification by relevant professional bodies. By looking at the educational background of the surgeon, the patient can ensure that the surgeon has a comprehensive understanding of the vagina’s anatomy, the high-end technologies/techniques, and the complexities involved in vaginoplasty. If it is all appropriate, it means the surgeon is guaranteed to perform vaginoplasty with the highest safety standards and efficacy.
  • Experience and success track records- The surgeon’s experience in practice years is paramount. Experienced surgeons are more reliable as they have been performing successful vaginoplasties for years and will have a track record of high patient satisfaction. The patient can rest assured of the surgeon’s skill and experience by inquiring with the surgeon during consultation about the number of vaginoplasties performed so far, their success rates, and even request previous patients’ photographs, reviews, and testimonials.
  • Communication style: The way the surgeon interacts with the patient, the atmosphere created within the clinic, and the way the staff of the clinic communicates with one another and the patients, all indicate the level of care and treatment quality possible. Therefore, a surgeon who communicates clearly and effectively respects their team and staff members, and fosters a comfortable working environment should be chosen.
  • Bedside manner: Look for a surgeon who has a compassionate bedside manner, meaning the surgeon treats patients with respect, listens to their concerns, comprehensively addresses their questions, and demonstrates understanding, empathy, and genuine interest in providing the best possible outcome. Such a surgeon will surely keep the patient comfortable and confident during the surgery.

Few Tips to Get Started on the Search for Right Surgeon for Vaginoplasty

Choosing the right surgeon for vaginoplasty requires a combination of personal judgement, research, and asking the surgeon appropriate questions. Here are some tips to help you in the selection process:

  1. Make a list of concerns and goals that you want your surgeon to address
  2. Make sure that the surgeon, preferably a cosmetic gynaecologist, specialises in cosmetic vaginal surgery like vaginoplasty.
  3. Find a surgeon who has the right credentials, is certified, and practises vaginoplasty in an accredited facility.
  4. Ask important questions to the surgeon related to vaginoplasty and the surgeon’s qualifications and practice during consultation.
  5. Talk to several different surgeons, consider their success rates, look at their patient’s reviews and testimonials, and spend as much time as needed to make an ultimate selection of the surgeon for your vaginoplasty. Reading the patient reviews, a quick overview can be received of the surgeon’s level of patience, and trust, the time the surgeon spends with the patients, the interpersonal skills, the professionalism, the bedside manner, and how well the surgeon responds to the patient’s queries.

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