Can PCOS Women Opt for Mommy Makeover Surgery?

Can PCOS Women Opt for Mommy Makeover Surgery?

Date 26 Dec 2023  

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Pregnancy can be hard on a woman's body. If a woman has a slim body, she may develop a flabby tummy after her child is born. Even if a woman loses her pregnancy weight, she may still have excess fat in some parts of her body and sagging breasts.

A mommy makeover surgery in Hyderabad performed at Eternelle Aesthetics can help remove undesirable stubborn fat deposits accumulated post-pregnancy. That’s not all, it can help transform a mother’s body back to her pre-pregnancy time and make her look aesthetically appealing. In today’s time, mommy makeover is most sought-after by women. But can every mother undergo it? What about PCOS-affected women? Keep reading to know about PCOS and mommy makeover and whether mommy makeover is suitable for PCOS-affected women with the expert insights shared by the best plastic surgeon in Hyderabad practising at Eternelle Aesthetics.

What is PCOS?

Polycystic Ovary Syndrome, or PCOS, is a hormonal complication-related condition that can occur during the reproductive years in women. It typically occurs as a result of recurrent hormonal imbalances in the body. It has been discovered that in PCOS condition, there is rise in levels of andr-ogens (male se-x hormone) and decline in proge-sterone (female se-x hormone).

The PCOS-affected women show multiple ovarian cysts in the ultrasound report and experience abnormal menstrual periods, fertility issues, rapid weight gain or difficulty in losing weight, excessive hair growth, skin problems like skin tags and acanthosis nigricans; thinning hair/pattern baldness, and/or acne breakouts.

Mommy Makeover Surgery

Mommy makeover refers to the set of surgical and non-surgical aesthetic procedures designed to allow women get back her pre-pregnancy attractive body. A mommy makeover surgery in Hyderabad performed by plastic surgeons at Eternelle Aesthetics is a combination of abdomen, breast, thigh, and hip procedures all done in a single surgical appointment by an aesthetic cum plastic surgeon to address the toll that pregnancy takes on a woman’s body.

If a woman elects for a mommy makeover surgery, her surgeon will first ensure that she has a sound mind and body. If a woman has any current medical conditions that may impede her mommy makeover session, not only will the results cause problems, but her health will also suffer. In terms of psychological health, it is essential that mommies undertake the mommy makeover for the right reasons and understand what it can and cannot do for them.

Most Common Surgeries Included in A Mommy Makeover 

  • Tummy Tuck Surgery

The stomach profile that a mom wants is certainly within reach with a tummy tuck. Aside from sculpting and flattening the tummy, a tummy tuck surgery can help relieve pain and discomfort associated with a protruding tummy, such as back pain and leg cramps.

A bulging tummy might be caused by poor eating habits or lack of activity. Excess abdominal skin and fat can also be the result of inherited factors, thyroid issues, ageing, and hormonal issues such as polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS). Whatever might be the reason behind poor tummy profile, tummy tuck surgery in Hyderabad can help!

A tummy tuck surgery is done under general anaesthesia. The operation involves making a horizontal incision across the lower abdomen from one hip bone to the other and second incision to separate the navel from the surrounding skin. Through this incision, the abdominal skin layers are lifted and the underlying muscles and tissues are exposed. These are relocated and fixed with sutures in order to achieve a tighter abdomen profile.

Umbilicoplasty is also performed because the position of the belly button must be changed. It involves creating a new belly button. Excess skin and fat deposited on the abdomen is removed, and the remaining skin is then pulled back in position and sutured.

  • Breast Lift Surgery

Breast lift surgery in Hyderabad aims to lift or transform breasts that hang low across the chest and have the majority of their volume at the base. It is a viable option for restoring firmer, younger-looking, and more voluminous breasts. This procedure restores the suppleness of female breast tissue by removing extra sagging tissue and reshaping and repositioning the breast mound and nipple. The procedure can reduce sagging of the breasts and lift the position of the nipples as well as the darker area around the nipples (areolae). The size of the areolae can also be lowered throughout the procedure to keep the breasts in proportion to the newly shaped breasts.

  • Breast Augmentation Surgery

Breast augmentation surgery in Hyderabad, commonly known as augmentation mammoplasty, is a cosmetic procedure that enhances the size of the breasts. This procedure is used to alter the contour of the breasts or to address congenital abnormalities. The treatment can be performed for both cosmetic and restorative purposes, with the primary goal of developing fuller or larger breasts. This procedure is often undertaken by anyone who wishes to improve their natural breast size or regain fullness lost due to breastfeeding or considerable weight loss. Breast augmentation surgery is ideal for women who have had partial, full, or double mastectomies.

Depending on the specific aims, the surgery may involve fat transfer from other parts of the body to the breasts to change the shape, size, or texture or placing of breast implants. This procedure has been linked to a considerable gain in self-esteem, making it one of the most prevalent reasons why moms choose to have their breasts augmented.

  • Liposuction

Liposuction is a type of cosmetic surgery in which extra fat that has not responded to diet and exercise is removed from the body. The procedure is only for people who want to improve the contour of their bodies by removing excess fat. Liposuction in Hyderabad makes it possible for each woman to get the body shape of their choice. This is primarily used to enhance women's looks rather than provide physical health benefits. The procedure is most effective for women who have good skin elasticity and tone, as the skin moulds itself into new contours.

Can PCOS Women Opt for Mommy Makeover Surgery?

A mommy makeover is a set of procedures aimed at counteracting the effects of pregnancy on the body and restoring its youthful appearance. These procedures can be customised to the woman's specific needs, desired results, and what the surgeon suggests.

Most women who have reached a stable weight, do not intend to have more children and can maintain a healthy lifestyle to ensure the longevity of their results are suitable candidates for surgery.

PCOS does not directly impact a woman's ability to opt for a mommy makeover surgery. In fact, PCOS affected women can benefit from some mommy makeover procedures like a tummy tuck. However, it's crucial for women with PCOS to consider potential hormonal and metabolic factors when planning such procedures.

PCOS can affect a woman's overall health, and it's advisable to consult with a mommy makeover surgeon in Hyderabad at Eternelle Aesthetics to ensure that any surgical interventions, such as a mommy makeover, are safe and tailored to the individual's specific health needs and circumstances.

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