BTL EMSELLA® For Management of Urinary Problems After Pregnancy

BTL EMSELLA® For Management of Urinary Problems After Pregnancy

Date 22 Jan 2024  

During pregnancy, there is a relaxin hormone acting on the pelvic floor ligaments and muscles to relax them. Moreover, women who have vaginal delivery, experience pelvic floor trauma due to the overstretching or tearing of the pelvic floor. If the pelvic floor injury or weakening after child delivery is not addressed timely, it can lead to urinary problems like urinary leakage, which over time worsens by menopause.

One in every three women who have given birth to a child may experience leakage of urine at some point in their post-pregnancy time. Some newly made mothers may have stress incontinence and leak urine while laughing, sneezing, coughing, or doing exercises. Not only women having normal delivery, but women who had multiple caesarean deliveries can also develop urinary bladder issues- urinary incontinence in females.

Are you facing urinary urgency or incontinence/ leaking urine after childbirth? End up experiencing leaking urine and soiled garments and gain your confidence back with BTL EMSELLA® chair treatment! Eternelle Aesthetics, cosmetic gynaecology clinic in Hyderabad unveils a breakthrough solution for better pelvic health- the FDA approved EMSELLA® Chair treatment.


BTL EMSELLA® is FDA-cleared, groundbreaking technology, a solution for incontinence, that has revolutionised intimate health and wellness. It can help improve symptoms of urinary incontinence like urine leakage when the patient laughs, urine dribbling when the patient lifts heavy objects, and poor sleep because of multiple times waking at night to use the washroom to pee.

How does BTL EMSELLA® work?

BTL EMSELLA® treatment in Hyderabad involves the use of a special chair with in-built HIFEM (high-intensity focused electromagnetic) technology to involuntarily stimulate the pelvic floor muscles of the patient sitting on it. HIFEM technology uses electromagnetic currents to create a magnetic field which triggers intense contractions of pelvic floor muscles of the entire pelvic region of the patient. It even helps restore neuromuscular control of the urinary bladder by increasing the number of new fibres and proteins in the pelvic floor muscles.

A single treatment session can tense the supramaximal pelvic-floor muscles thousands of times which is far more than possible with Kegel exercises. More precisely, a BTL EMSELLA® session can deliver pelvic floor muscle contractions equivalent to 11,200 kegels. The contractions of the pelvic floor muscles are essential for muscle re-education and improvement of intimate wellness. After the treatment session, the patient’s pelvic floor muscle mass and tone gets improved.  

What is BTL EMSELLA® treatment like?

BTL EMSELLA® treatment is the most simple and comfortable approach for treatment of urinary incontinence in Hyderabad and rejuvenation of the vagina. All that needs to be done is to visit Eternelle Aesthetics, where the BTL EMSELLA® chair is available and just on the EMSELLA® chair for the duration of the session. During the session, the patient can just sit back and relax on the chair and read a book or magazine but not use any electronic gadget or mobile phone.

Many patients do bring family members during their session to sit with them and are welcome to bring their children too. The entire session lasts for just 28 minutes. Patients are usually recommended to sit on an EMSELLA® chair 6 times in intervals of a week to achieve optimal, long-lasting results.

For more details on non-surgical vaginal tightening treatment in Hyderabad get in touch with the female plastic surgeon and cosmetic gynaecologist at Eternelle Aesthetics.

Am I a suitable candidate for BTL EMSELLA® Chair treatment?

BTL EMSELLA® is suitable for:

  • Anyone impacted by stress, urge, or mixed urinary incontinence or urinary urgency and has been leaking urine often
  • Anyone feeling insecure because of leaking urine and has reduced their intimate activities in the last few months
  • A woman who needs care after her child's delivery or wants to have satisfactory intimacy.

Non-suitable candidates are:

  • Women who are pregnant
  • Anyone with metal implants in their body such as metal hip prosthetics
  • Anyone who has an intrauterine device or a copper coil inserted in the womb as a measure of contraception
  • Anyone who has piercings in their intimate areas.

Benefits of BTL EMSELLA®

  • Non-invasive: BTL EMSELLA® is a completely non-invasive treatment for urinary urgency or incontinence and improvement of intimate health and well-being. As it is a non-invasive approach, it is not associated with any recovery time or downtime.
  • Fully clothed: Patients do not have to take off clothes during their entire BTL EMSELLA® chair treatment. Therefore, it is a very convenient treatment for the patients.
  • Operator-free: There is no need for an operator throughout the treatment. Once the therapy with the BTL EMSELLA® chair starts, the procedure runs independently.
  • Comfortable: The procedure is enjoyable and painless as throughout the 28-minute session, the patient just sits relaxed and is allowed to unwind. A tension or contraction of the pelvic floor muscles is only felt during the treatment.
  • Efficient: Unlike pelvic floor exercises that take time to provide optimal results, BTL EMSELLA® chair treatment helps restore urinary bladder and pelvic floor muscles control quickly and more efficiently. Numerous patients have reported less need for the usage of diapers or pads to soak leaking urine (about 75% reduction in usage) after treatment with the EMSELLA® chair.
  • Immediate results: Many patients report reduced urinary urgency or leakage after a single treatment session and experience ongoing improvements over the subsequent weeks.
  • Long-lasting results: After around six sessions over three weeks, scheduled two times a week, the patients can expect sustained improvement in their urinary problems. 
  • Improved life quality: After BTL EMSELLA® treatment sessions, the patients get restored confidence and a significant improvement in their life quality.

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