Body Contouring After Pregnancy: Restoring Your Pre-Baby Body

Body Contouring After Pregnancy: Restoring Your Pre-Baby Body

Date 29 Nov 2023  

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Having a child is a life-changing experience. A new baby blesses the family with joy and love, but pregnancy and childbirth can leave one with a body they don't recognize. The changes that pregnancy brings about can make one feel disconnected from their body. Low body confidence is typical among new mothers, and even if they exercise and eat well, they may be struggling with irritating pockets of fat that refuse to go away.

If the way the body appears after having a baby bothers a woman, it's time to find out more about body contouring in Hyderabad with the plastic surgeons at Eternelle Aesthetics. It is not a weight-loss solution, but it can be a useful tool for women who are trying to remove that last bit of baby fat.

Post-pregnancy Body Contouring

Mothers undergo numerous changes in their bodies both during and after pregnancy. Stretch marks, excess abdominal skin, and fat deposits on the thighs, hips, and arms occur in some women. Most women experience an improvement in breast size and appearance. Mothers can now target certain parts of the body due to the availability of post-pregnancy body reshaping surgery. Mothers can focus on their areas of concern following pregnancy and childbirth by combining body contouring, liposuction, breast augmentation, and tummy tucks (abdominoplasty).

One may select a combination of plastic surgery procedures to address the areas that annoy them the most with post-pregnancy body contouring. Diet and exercise are critical to getting the body back in shape. However, they do not tighten the skin, remove stretch marks, or increase the flexibility of the skin. On the other hand, plastic surgeons in Hyderabad at Eternelle Aesthetics can address these issues and can help women to achieve a look they have just as they used to have before pregnancy.

Body Contouring Surgeries After Pregnancy

1. Tummy Tuck

Every mother's figure can suffer as a result of the effects of pregnancy. The growing baby stretches the abdominal muscles and overlays the skin, resulting in extra skin with stretch marks and, in some cases, rupture of the underlying abdominal muscles below. These changes become more noticeable with twin pregnancies and multiple births, and mothers are unlikely to fully restore their bodies after having children. Many mothers discover that their abdomens have lasting changes after having children, including stretch marks, loss of abdominal muscle tone, flabby and extra skin, and fatty deposits.

A tummy tuck is a surgical procedure that tightens the abdominal muscles and removes unwanted fat and skin from the abdomen to improve abdominal shape, tone, and function. A tummy tuck can be performed for both men and women who are healthy, in good physical condition, and who have sustained a healthy weight for at least 3 months before surgery. The body mass index (BMI) should be less than 30 to be considered a good candidate for a tummy tuck.

2. Liposuction

Many mothers want to know if liposuction alone may help them remove stubborn belly fat that doesn't go away after childbirth. If the underlying abdominal muscles have been toned and have not separated, and the abdominal skin has been slightly affected by stretch marks, then liposuction alone is the solution. Unfortunately, this is not the case for many women due to the consequences of pregnancy, so a plastic surgeon frequently combines liposuction with a tummy tuck to achieve that slimmer, more toned figure.

Liposuction is a cosmetic procedure used to remove unwanted fat from the body. A suction cannula, which mimics a thin metallic rod, is placed under the skin of the target area in repeating motions. The device "sucks" fat from beneath the skin. Fat cells that are sucked out are permanently removed and will not return. In some situations, the collected fat will be used for fat grafting on another area of the body.

To enhance the body's natural curves, the doctor may use liposuction in conjunction with other surgical procedures such as breast lift, breast reduction, tummy tuck, facelift, and fat grafting. It may, however, be performed as a stand-alone procedure in some situations.

Liposuction is neither a weight loss treatment nor an alternative to dieting; it is a sculpting or contouring tool, not a weight loss treatment.

3. Labiaplasty

Unfortunately, having children can have an effect not only on the figure but also on the appearance of the labia. The labia widens during pregnancy as a result of hormones and increased pelvic pressure from the growing baby. After the effects of pregnancy and breastfeeding have worn off, many women discover that their labia, like other areas affected by pregnancy, are typically left stretched and are the last to return to their pre-baby state.

Because this is such an intimate part of the body, cosmetic gynaecologists in Hyderabad at Eternelle Aesthetics want all new patients to know that there is a surgical approach available that is a day-only surgery with minimal downtime and outstanding results.

Many women are unhappy with their genitalia, particularly with issues about the shape and size of their labia minora, labia majora, and clitoris hood. Women were generally unaware of their alternatives in the past and were afraid to discuss such intimate topics openly. A labiaplasty can help many women achieve their goals by alleviating discomfort, improving sexual response, and improving vaginal aesthetics.

4. Breast Lift Surgery

Breast mastopexy surgery, also known as a breast lift, is a surgical procedure that aims to lift and shape the breasts. Excess skin is removed, and the surrounding tissue is tightened during the procedure. The patient is usually put under general anesthesia throughout the surgery. The surgeon creates incisions on the breasts that vary based on the individual's needs. Breast mastopexy surgery, often known as a breast lift, may be able to modify the shape and position of the breasts without the need for breast reduction. Patients suffering from breast ptosis may benefit from the surgery as well.


Pregnancy can bring certain changes in your body, and one can address them with body contouring or mommy makeover treatment in Hyderabad at Eternelle Aesthetics. This is an impressive procedure and includes multiple procedures that address every aesthetic defect of the body and help one achieve a confident look they always desired