Advantages of Breast Augmentation Using A Fat Grafting Procedure

Advantages of Breast Augmentation Using A Fat Grafting Procedure

Date 02 Apr 2024  

Did you know that breast augmentation using fat transfer is also possible?  

Boob job with fat grafting, is an innovative, minimally invasive cosmetic procedure performed to slightly enlarge and uplift the breasts and help women achieve improved breast contour and better cleavage. It's an alternative to breast implants and is the best for one's seeking a more natural option.

The technique involves suctioning of fat cells from areas of the body with extra accumulated, stubborn fat; processing of harvested body fat; and injecting the processed fat cells into the breasts using sterile injections. At the end of this procedure, the lipo-suctioned areas appear smaller and contoured while the breasts appear rounder, symmetrical, and fuller.  

As per the cosmetic surgeon in Hyderabad at Eternelle Aesthetics, Breast Augmentation Using Fat Grafting is becoming more popular as it ensures early healing and outstanding results in women who are looking for small adjustments. The doctor has also shared more details on this procedure in this blog

The Procedure Details

The process of breast augmentation with fat grafting commences with the creation of a colour-coded blueprint to mark the body’s fat harvesting sites, the desired changes in the breast's shape and size, and the spots where incisions will be made for liposuction. Using this colour-coded blueprint, the surgeon starts harvesting the extra fat from the body either from one location or multiple areas of the body having large amounts of surplus stubborn fat. The harvest sites could be the abdomen, flank, love handles, outer thighs, inner thighs, calves, knees, and arms. 

The breast cosmetic surgeon in Hyderabad makes use of liposuction for harvesting body fat. Different kinds of liposuction techniques can be chosen such as traditional suction-assisted liposuction, power-assisted liposuction, ultrasound-assisted liposuction, and laser-assisted liposuction. Generally, liposuction involves making a small cut in the harvest site to insert a thin tube called a catheter, dislodging the fat cells, and their removal using vacuum suction. 

The fatty tissue harvested by liposuction is next centrifuged to make it refined and concentrated by taking out the mixed water, oil, and blood. Once done, the purified fatty tissue is carefully and strategically placed into the breasts to sculpt them and restore the breast's aesthetics. At a time, tiny amounts of the fat are placed in each breast through small entrances in the lower crease of the breast and areola. Multiple passes are required till the targeted area gets properly filled with fat. 

The overall procedure takes anywhere between 3 and 5 hours. It is carried out mostly under general anaesthesia to ensure comfort throughout the procedure. In minor cases, local anaesthesia with sedation may be used. 

Expected Results With Breast Augmentation With Fat 

Generally, a session of fat grafting breast augmentation can increase the breast size by one cup. If women need further big cup sizes, additional procedures would usually be required. 

The results achieved with autologous fat transfer to the breasts can last longer than provided by traditional breast implant surgery. That’s because the implants would need replacements every few years while the injected fat has access to the blood supply which makes it last longer. The changes that are seen in breast size, shape, volume, and symmetry after about four months of receiving the fat graft remain as it is for the patient’s remaining life. 

Is breast augmentation using fat grafting right for me?

Fat transfer breast augmentation in Hyderabad is done using the patient’s body fat so it has minimal risk of rejection as possible with breast implants. This means this option is suitable for most candidates and choosing it is a personal decision. It is especially beneficial for women who are unsatisfied with their breast appearance, who have extra fat deposits in the tummy or thigh region, and who want slightly larger breasts with restored fat. Women who smoke, are obese, are unhealthy, or experience drastic weight fluctuations may not be suitable candidates for fat transfer breast augmentation. 

Learn more about this in this video by our expert:

Advantages of Breast Augmentation Using A Fat Grafting 

1. Minimally invasive procedure

Breast augmentation using the fat grafting technique is a minimally invasive alternative to breast implant surgery. It involves making tiny incisions (~4 mm) in the fat harvest site of the body to perform liposuction. 
As the procedure does not involve making long cuts and using sutures, the scarring, and discomfort are minimal. Moreover, the patient can have a speedy and easy recovery. 

2. A safe technique with significantly fewer complications

Breast augmentation using fat transfer has a higher safety rate and fewer postoperative issues than breast implants.

Women who have breast implants are more likely to have capsular contracture, infection, breast implant rupture, breast cancer, and other complications. If a woman chooses a breast augmentation procedure with fat transfer, they can avoid the risks associated with implants as well as the high costs of corrective surgeries. The complications associated with fat grafting in the breasts are rare and include bleeding, infection, irregularities, scarring, lumps, calcification, and placing of excess or less fat into the marked areas of the breasts.   

3. More natural and fuller breasts

Breasts feel and appear more natural than breast implants as the patient's body fat is injected into them and there is no rejection seen, which is why it is also known as "natural breast augmentation surgery with fat transfer." If a woman doesn't want to put anything foreign in the body and prefers natural, fuller breasts, this treatment is an excellent choice for her.

4. Longer-lasting results

As the body's fat is harvested and injected into the breasts, fat transfer breast augmentation provides patients with a permanent change in breast size, shape, volume, and symmetry. The procedure is an appropriate choice than breast implant surgery because the breast implant may need to be replaced in the upcoming years. However, there are no risks or complications associated with breast implant surgery.

5. Patients achieve a more attractive figure overall

Fat grafting breast augmentation helps improve breast volume in areas where it is required. Fat is removed from one or more areas of the body and placed into the breasts, thereby slimming the lipo-suctioned areas. Thus, the procedure contributes to an appealing overall body shape by removing unwanted fat from specific parts of the body, such as the arms, thighs, back, stomach, or love handles. Finally, individuals attain a more aesthetically acceptable body profile.

6. Customisable procedure

Fat grafting breast augmentation is an excellent option for those with sagging breasts. It allows the surgeon to personalise the patient’s look as per her desires. On the other hand, breast implants offer limited options.    

Breast augmentation surgery is performed at Eternelle Aesthetics, using both implants and fat grafting techniques by expert plastic and cosmetic surgeons. For more details on breast augmentation surgery cost in Hyderabad, get in touch with the experts at the clinic today!